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And so it beings… Tim Thomas asked first White House question of series

In what may win the “Most Irrelevant Question of the Year” award, some dumbass reporter decided to ask Tim Thomas about him being MIA for the Bruins White House visit.


Is the White House being converted into the Captial’s new home arena ’cause if not, asking a question about being worried about being asked a question is asking a question on the subject and is just fucking stupid.

What does the visit have to do with the fact that the Washington Capitals will be putting their hopes and prayers on their third and fourth string goalies? Or the fact that Washington chokes every post-season and is lucky that BufaLOL choked even more for them to even get in this year? Or that the Caps have had Boston’s number as of late? Or that the Bruins are turning it around just at the right time? Or some of the changes SEason 2 of Game of Thrones is doing? Nothing.

It might have been a legit story when it first happened but that’s three month’s back. Are papers, TV and radio really that desperate for a story line? No idea who the chump is that brought this question up, but if we find out we’ll let you all know. Fuck ’em.