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Andrei Markov Hits Zdeno Chara in the Junk, Sparks End of the Game Shitshow

Nut shots have been all the rage this postseason with Milan Lucic being the poster boy of it because confirmation bias. Habs fans have been relentlessly harping on it all series. So we guess that, if nothing else, seeing them knocked off their rightous soapbox was a small silver lining that came out of the game.

Near the end of the game, Andrei Markov decided to man-check Zdeno Chara. Chara, as one might assume, didn’t think this tickled.

GIF: Oh look, another nutshot!

Looks like Weber throws an elbow into Chara’s groin area, too.

Lucic and Iginla didn’t like seeing the Habs try to end the Chara gene pool.

GIF: Lucic & Iginla go after Weaver

GIF: Iggy punches Markov, who does his best to sell it

We’re kinda tired of “Habs dive” jokes but then Markov pulls that shit like he just got blasted with a dodgeball to the face.

Chara also took matters into his own hands with Weber who was prepping for a cross-check.

GIF: Chara punches Weaver in the face

Habs fans started throwing cups (or were they beer cans, lamestream media, hmmmm????) and the end of the game became a total shit-show.

GIF: Shawn Thornton avoiding flying water bottles after the game. Some irony there.


Even the Montreal Canadiens twitter account was embarrassed by what their fans and players did.

Couldn’t agree more, Montreal. What a bunch of garbage from the bleu, blanc et rouge.

Honestly, not sure what Markov or Weber were thinking. You have a solid win to go to Game 7. Why would you give an emotional team like the Bruins any sort of fuel to carry with them back to Boston?