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Another concussion for Marc Savard

Well shit. Marc Savard has been diagnosed with another concussion — this one on the “moderate” level.

Statement from Chiarelli:

“After being examined by the Bruins medical staff today, Marc has been diagnosed with a moderate concussion. There is no timetable on his return and no further updates at this time.” 

Forget what it means to the Boston Bruins for a second; this absolutely blows for Marc Savard. Poor guy got his head basically chopped off from Cooke, came back (albeit a bit early) for the Flyers playoff game, suffered post-concussion syndrome during the summer which kept him out for portion of the year, he comes back and is just now getting into a groove and bam he gets hit with another concussion — from fucking Matt “Where’s the Spleen” Hunwick of all people.

Savard’s gotta be beside himself at this point.

Least he has Bergeron to help him through it.

“It was more of a here-we-go-again type of feeling,’’ Bergeron said of his second concussion. “ ‘Am I OK? Am I going to be OK?’ But two, three, four days after, I realized that it wasn’t even close to the one before. It gave me some hope. I was positive after that. But the first couple days, I was like, ‘Oh my God, am I going to go through this all over again?’ It was more that feeling than the symptoms. The symptoms were there, but it wasn’t as hard. It wasn’t as big. It was more my spirit that was hurt more than anything else.’’ 

“I felt like I was getting back on track a little bit,’’ said Bergeron. “I was feeling better. As a player, you obviously want to get back to where you were before right away. It took me some time. I was pushing and pushing and I felt like I was there. It happened again, so it was hard. I don’t know what the situation is with Savvy. But for myself, it was hard to take. But after a couple days, I was positive, took some time to heal, and bounced back.’’

 Rough stuff. Hopefully Savard can take solace in that Bergeron was able to overcome a second concussion.