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Another fan relations fail? Bruins letting STH tour locker room, pic with Cup banner over Thanksgiving weekend


Things the Boston Bruins do well — make hilarious videos and play tough hockey.

Things the Bruins fail at — fan relations.

The latest in Fan Fail Relations comes in the form of touring an empty locker room during a Lockout and getting your picture taken with the Cup banner a season too late.

Boston Bruins fan relation email -- Thanksgiving locker room tour

On the surface it's a really cool idea — a tour of the locker room and pic with the banner? Rock on. But once again the Bruins shoot themselves in the foot with timing — like asking fans to buy more tix after announcing game cancelations. It's only a cool idea if hockey was actually playing and if the fans were able to get their picture taken with the banner during the Defending the Cup season — not in a lockout. Also, this is for folks who were 2011-2012 season ticket holders, so the team's kinda late with the whole banner thing. Not sure why they didn't do it last season.

On top of all that they schedule it over Thanksgiving Weekend. Sure people have that string of four or five days off, but that time's usually spent hanging with family, watching football, stuffing one's dace with turkey or starting Christmas shopping. Plus, it's a huge travelling weekend. Bruins gave STHs a little over a week.

Jacobs is a troll.

No good, Bruins. No good.

S/T to Heather for the email. Team DOY didn't get an invite because Fan Relations annually screws our season ticket package up. Why do we keep renewing? Who the fuck knows at this point…