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Awesome Game, Not So Awesome Ending. BRUINS LOSE.

Why are Bruins-Blues games so magically delicious? Please, PLEASE let them meet in the playoffs. Seven games of this would be ridiculously good. Sure the Bruins lost, but what a great game.

Gutsy performance by the Bruins too. Johnny Boychuk, according to Jack Edwards, had played more games than the rest of the Boston D-Men that were playing COMBINED. The young guys made their mistakes, but the way the Bruins just refused to quit was fantastic. They knew they could break Halak if they just kept the pressure on and once they did it only took, much like sex with Justin, two minutes to put themselves back in the game.

Should Rask have stopped Oshie's OT winner? Probably, but there was a whole bunch of miscues by the B's leading up to that play. At least these two great teams didn't have to settle things in a stupid shoot out like last time.

That game was so bonerific we might just go watch it again. Bye!

– As usual, Bergeron was absolutely fantastic, especially in the first. We hope Marchand and Smith know how lucky they are. Bergeron just has all these subtle moves that confuse the shit out of opposing defenses and he ALWAYS makes his line mates better. ALWAYS. 

– Bruins vs Blues in general. If the hockey gods are good and just, we will get to see a playoff series between these two teams.

– David Backes is an American hero and is going to fuck up every other team at the Olympics. Sorry Bruins players, we're going Team USA all the way in Sochi.

– Soderberg must give a FANTASTIC Swedish massage because he's got magic hands.

– Liked that Lucic was really into the game physically. There were a few times where either a hit or the threat of a hit made a Blues player turn over the puck. He was great in his own zone too. Great all around game from the big guy.

– What a third period. Bruins had some many chances up to that point and they either whiffed on the puck or got stoned by a good Blues defense. But a solid two minutes was all it took.

First someone yelled OMGZ CHARA IS BACK and two Blues players collided while looking around terrified. This allowed David Magicji to get the B's on the board with a niiiiiiiiiiiice shot.

Brad Marchand had been close all night. He was deking guys out of their jock straps, harassing Halak and just basically doing everything he's been doing. Other than Bergeron, he's probably been the best B's player over the past month. He came through AGAIN

Great play and a great goal. Battling Bruins!

– Hockey goal celebrations. The pure emotion is just fantastic. So are the hugs.


– Bruins on the Blues first goal: "Hey guys, how about we just let the Blues leading scorer roam free and let him work his magic? Cool? Cool."

– How did no ref see Loui take a stick to the face? How do you miss this?

Did the refs think Loui was just spitting up some delicious Tropical Punch Kool Aid or something? Loui even lost a few teeth. Hope the tooth fairy takes care of him. He deserves something positive.

– Claude buddy, how did you feel about this?

– The hockey gods rob us of players like Stamkos, yet no talent hacks like Lapierre are allowed to roam free. You confuse us hockey gods. A lot.

– Kelly if you did that leg check on purpose that is bush league and you should have to watch 100 straight hours of Buffalo Sabres "highlights" from this season.

– B's defense looked completely lost on the Blues second goal. No idea why they completely back off the shooter and let St. Louis set up that great play. This was Julien's reaction:

– Miller decided to show his frustration with all the TERRIBLE calls.

– Seriously, how the hell does the ref think Halak has this? Fastest whistle this side of the Mississippi.

– We managed to grab a picture of the moment St. Louis found out Chara wasn't playing.

– The linesmen breaking up Boychuk and Oshie. Awful. No idea why they rushed in so fast. AWFUL. Unless they didn't want to see Boychuk murder someone again, then maybe that's okay. Johnny had the Boychukupper cut cocked and ready to go! 

– Not sure if NESN's Not Talking Hockey segment could possibly be any worse.

– They let go of Naoko for this awkward, low talent blond?

– Krug and Oshie did not like each other. At all. Oshie does have a VERY punchable face though. They hugged it out like gentlemen though.


– Everyone shut your face. Jack didn't jinx the Bruins. Terrible defensive play at the wrong time doomed the Bruins you monkeys.


We then proceeded to scream Charlie Brown style. 

– The entire sequence leading to Oshie's game winner. B's misplayed the puck, didn't cover their men and Rasky let in a softie. Oh well. Game was still SUPER fun to watch.

– Mr. T, I can't remember what I usually say to people in this section. Any suggestions?

– Hey Bergeron

– Seriously, can we have a Bruins-Blues series now!?