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‘Behind the B’ will give Bruins fans a backstage look at Boston’s organization

Since 24/7 has been such a huge hit among fans for the NHL Winter Classic, it's not surprising more shows like this would pop up. The Bruins/NESN and whoever Alex and Ani are, are presenting Behind the B which promises to give fans "an unprecidented access into the team's locker room, executive boardroom, and player's homes." Can't wait.

The hour-long premiere starts off in the Bruins locker room on June 24, 2013 with Head Coach Claude Julien consoling his charges following the team’s heartbreaking Game 6 loss in the Stanley Cup Final. Viewers will then join Neely, General Manager Peter Chiarelli and the rest of the club’s hockey operations brass in the boardroom and witness the sensitive discussions, phone calls and debates that were held before the major roster moves took place this offseason. 
Later in Episode One, fans will get to know some of the new faces on the Bruins squad, as those players prepare for their first season as members of the Black & Gold, and will check in with some familiar faces to see the changes going on in their personal and professional lives. 
Starts after Game 6 loss? Jesus. Episode One is going to be a fucking heartbreaker. Can't wait to see how the whole Seguin trade went down and maybe get Chiarelli's reaction when Iginla's agent called, begging to be signed in Boston. Probably looks something like this:
Or maybe Bergeron's face when the Doctor says he could die on the ice at any moment and should probably not play.
Of course, this is going to be a tamed, corporate version of what goes on behind the scenes. Not sure if there'll be any juicy moments like you sometimes get on 24/7 but it'll be interesting to watch. All episodes will air on NESN at random times, so good luck remembering:

Mon. September 9, 8-9pm 

Tue. September 10, 4-5pm 

Sat. September 14, 7-8pm 

Sun. September 15, 4:30-5:30pm 

Sun. September 15, 9-10pm 

Sun. September 22, 9-10pm 

Fri. September 27, 4-5pm 

Sat. September 28, 4:30-5:30pm

Here's the trailer:

So, who's excited?