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Best of Days of Y’Orr Hate Mail: 2010-2011

We’re up for yet another blogging away — Boston’s Most Valuable Blogger (vote for us daily!). In it we’re described as:

Great Coverage. Totally Bruins oriented. Extremely controversial and very amusing. 

“Extremely controversial.” Love that. We don’t think of us as controversial. We just spew truth like a machine. We suppose that we’re extremely controversial to opposing team fan bases. Montreal, Buffalo, Philly and Vancouver come to mind. And Tampa… if they had any fans to get angry.

During the playoffs we promised we’d do a post on the best hate mail, tweets and comments we’ve gotten over the past year. So without further delay we present The Best Days of Y’Orr Hate Mail.

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Apparently Dave didn’t appreciate our Dear Buffalo… we’re sorry post. Not sure why.

We think this is in reference to our Ference 3:16 post. We don’t really think JW is a Bs fan.

Our Montreal Canadiens Eulogy on PuckDaddy had a slew of angry comments. Here’s an email we got. This guy hates Wolverine.

And another one. The best part of this comment is the guy bashes us for poor grammar while misspelling grammar. Also he totally missed the point of that line. Tool. 

 - Achievement Unlocked: Hater's Gonna Hate!
And some other lines from the comment section:

funny how a @#$% who dubs himself Days of Y’Orr can make poke fun at Montreal fans’ reverence for their great teams legacy. 

take this crap off yahoo 

What a GUTLESS , CLASSLESS PUNK you are greg wyshynski. Truly a slimy lowlife scumbag.

P.S. Oh Greg Wyshynski, just a pointer, you might want to start writing a Bruins eulogy, something tells me your gonna need it soon. Just a hunch

This article pretty much sums up every Boston fan(of any Boston sport): obnoxious and completely one sided. Boston has no shot at the cup, so I guess this is the closest they’ll get to having a victory 

Days of Y’Orr = Tool.

B+, the photoshops need some work.

C’mon Days of Y’Orr….not one single mention of Montreal’s diving in the eulogy? (Editor: not an angry comment but we laughed just the same)

Wow, this author has NO class at all. I mean just compare this piece with the Blackhawks piece, which still pokes fun at the losing team yet retains respect for opponents.
Does Days of Y’Orr have a serious Youppi fetish or what?

Wow, what a bunch of angry sick people.

I think in years past, they had another rival team blog do the eulogy, not the team that just beat that team. Most have been not funny but c’est la vie, skip them. (Editor: *scratches head* Wait… Boston ISN’T the Habs rival? Holy shit…)

Lotta people bitter Down Goes Brown didn’t write this. Umm… sorry?

Not bad, but no DGB and Bloge? Blasphemy! 

Should’ve gotten DGB to write it I’m afraid

Well, I was hoping for DGB to do this eulogy

Did the Down Goes Brown guy not want to do it this year.

DGB should’ve definitely done this…

Next time, get Down Goes Brown to do it, he actually understands the subtleties of Wit and Sarcasm. Don’t hand sharp objects to the Boston Bruins fans and expect them to be responsible.

Can we get Leafs fans to do this next year so there’s a modicum of intelligence or wit involved?

I think I figured out the problem with this year’s Eulogies. They’re not written by rivals so much as by victors, so that instead of coming off as a playful roasting, they come off as pompous gloating.

Not a single Pepsi reference. I call that a missed opportunity. Like the Bruins PP. /rimshot 

Great photos, but other than that this eulogy clearly comes from a Bruins fan with some sort of inferiority complex. 

You dissed your own player for being concussed? That’s cold man. You do know Savard is on your team right.? No Don Cherry references, no U-boat references, no dirty French, no chowdaire, no Kennedy jokes. Moderately funny, even if it was a little one-note . 

Big mistake not letting PPP write this. Stop going with the teams that eliminated them, and start letting actual rival bloggers write the eulogies. There’s no way the Bruins hate the Habs more than the Leafs do.


go raptors!

Just a rambling, incoherent mess (Editor: like many of our posts)

I’m sorry but anyone who thinks this is funny is incredibly dumb. These jokes are not connected even slightly to one another. 

Brad R., a Flyers fan, really didn’t like a story John wrote… too bad we only know Jon, not John.

They Will Gif - They Will
Vancouver didn’t like us very much during the Stanley Cup finals. Some didn’t like our gnome picture:

“It’s pretty obvious the person who created the billboard doesn’t have a very high IQ,” said Kelly Mrus of Vancouver.

“We have our green guys, they can have their gnomes. Ours are better. We have original stuff.” ~ some idiot.

Also, we’re not bloggers. We’re goons.

Even Komisarek hates us.

This email came about 5 minutes after Patch guillotined himself into the boards. While we were all hoping Patch was OK, this guy was taking great joy in the moment.

Ugly stuff.

Even more Habs:

Actually your site is just like the Bruins. A totally irrelevant and misguided franchise whose only purpose is to serve as a victim to the far more successful and classy Canadiens (24 times..)

More unhappy Canucks fans. We analyzed this entire piece in a previous story.

Canuck fans suck
I’ve never seen as many fucking pussy’s in my entire life. Boston is a pathetic cry baby city… From the celtics… to the bruins. You fuckers need to pull that dick out of your ass and grow a pair. If anyone wants to fight i’m right here waiting. Go fuck yourselves!

Same guy a few comments later…

You boston fans are distasteful and retarded. You are the one city America doesn’t need.

Tampa had their granny panties in a bunch.

What is this site? an homo reunion where everyone just slap each other on the ass smiling?

We’ve gotten more than listed here but we can’t find them. I think we lost a lot of the angry comments when we switched over to LiveFyre for comment hosting. D’oh. Bring on the 2011-2012 season.

Go Bruins.