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Between the Glass Recap. BRUINS WIN!

 (Editor’s Note: Jon was unable to do the recap tonight but luckily Pierre McGuire stepped up and took care of it for us because we’re always so super duper nice to him)


(video via DOY rink side reporter Pete Blackburn)

Now something people don’t know here is the Bruins and Canadiens have been rivals for quite some time, with games often getting heated for some reason.

More times than not in this rivalry, the team with the most goals has won and that was certainly the case here tonight with the Bruins. What the Bruins did really well here tonight Doc is score more goals than Montreal and that really contributed to a victory.

Shift changes. Good zone starts. Other hockey terms I know.

The reason the Bruins play so well, Days of Y’Orr readers, is that a lot of them were born in the same country and when you’re born in the same country or go to the same college at different times or once ran into each other at a Subway in Omaha you just have this natural chemistry.

Patrice Bergeron has a C in his name as does Zdeno Chara and they both had goals here tonight so you can really see that sharing a C in their names has made them great teammates and leaders.

And as Doc stated during the broadcast, the Bruins won seven of their first nine games and getting seven at a craps table in Vegas is good, which you can see clearly correlates to success on the ice for the Bruins who at times have done things in sevens.

Another thing that factored into the Bruins win here tonight folks is that the Bruins had a higher rate of puck possession, and what can sometimes happen if you’re lucky is if you have much higher puck possession you may have a greater chance at victory and the Bruins did that really well here tonight.

What the Bruins also did well is score a lot which as you may not know quieted the Montreal crowd because the Bruins know fans don’t cheer if their home time team is losing which is what happened here tonight.

The goal of a season for a team is to finish as high in the standings as possible and by gaining two more points here tonight the Boston Bruins gave themselves and opportunity to potentially move up in the standings, which sometimes happens when you win a lot of games and earn a lot of points folks.

– Now, Tuukka Rask is doing something unique for a goalie here in that he’s making key saves. Generally that’s left up to the zamboni but Rask kept the Bruins in the game in the first with some great saves and I’m guessing that’s because one time when he was in the second grade he saw another goalie make a good save.

– So you see, Carl Soderberg just did what most men who have had sex with a woman have done he and goes right for the hole shaped like a five between Budaj’s legs and he gets the goal. He’s been playing like some kind of fictional, hairy snow beast who lives in the mountains lately and he got that idea because he used to watch Harry and the Hendersons.

– Odd man rush for Bergeron and Marchand on Bruins second goal and what they did real well Doc is score. As forwards their job is to score and that is what you should be trying to do every shift and boy did they. Bergeron is just such a fantastic specimen Doc because of where he went to pre school and I really wouldn’t mind if he was inside me Doc.

– Nice little back and forth between Prust and Miller in the second and what Prust may have been trying to do is get the fans back in the game. In 1986 I was at a game in Moosejaw and one player on the team that was down 0-3 fought to try to get the crowd involved and that is exactly what is happening today with Prust.

– Boychuk and his massive slap shot hit a post in the second and I’m assuming he would have preferred to score there on that shot Edzo. You just can’t keep hitting the post and expect to score. You don’t score posts Edzo you score goals, and Boychuk just missed there.

– You know Doc, insert useless fact about a child pond hockey game here. Really, really special for the players here who know nothing about that game at all.

– Doc, you can see there on Budaj’s helmet he has a drawing of Ned Flanders from the Simpsons. If you recall, there was an episode where Bart and Lisa were on rival hockey teams and that’s exactly the kind of atmosphere Budaj’s helmet is bringing to this game tonight Doc. Lisa was a fantastic goalie but decided not to pursue a career after elementary school but she’s been a huge influence on the career of Peter Budaj.

– What Montreal is doing that is really helping the Bruins here is not scoring on the power play. Power plays are vital to success Doc and Montreal is not scoring there and I’m just not sure NHL teams are aware that it’s easier to score on the power play than 5 on 5. I think when Montreal heads to the locker room after the second they really need to talk about whether or not they want to score with the man advantage Doc.

– What I’m doing real well here tonight Doc is making stuff up and pretending the Bruins are giant bullies. Did you see when Chara threw eight punches at the ref’s face? Bad move Doc.

– On the Bruins third goal Iginla does what a hockey player should do and he passes to an open teammate and Lucic pile drives the puck past Budaj like men pile drive me in a bath house steam room and in both scenarios the finish was absolutely fantastic Edzo.

– This is where Budaj wishes he had gone to St. Mary’s and learned how to close his legs like a good Catholic girl because he just can’t seem to keep pucks out of there. If I’m Montreal, I’m telling Budaj not to do that but I’m not sure if Montreal knows that Edzo.

– Before the Bruins third goal there Doc Boychuk and Bartkowski were absolutely sucking pond water. I mean, when you’re on the ice too long you start to lose you’re breath so I’m just stunned that they’re out of breath after such a great, but long, shift. Sucking pond water like I suck at everything here Doc.

– Edzo on the Bruins fourth goal there you see a rare occasion of Vanek being lazy, and I say that now only because he’s wearing a Montreal jersey, and you have 6’9″ behemoth Zdeno Chara just stroll through the Montreal defense like he strolled through Pacioretty’s body a couple years ago Edzo.

– Doc, as we’ve discussed, Eddie Shore scored 12 goals in his rookie season and which is resulting directly in the great season Torey Krug is having. If Shore doesn’t score those 12 goals in his rookie season, I don’t see Krug having quite as good of a season as he’s having this year.

– Edzo, it’s snowing here in Montreal so it’s no coincidence that the Bruins and Canadiens are playing on ice here tonight at the Bell Centre.

– Doc, Rask makes a great stop here but what he’s doing that you really shouldn’t do as a goalie is going way out of his net when the opposing team has the puck. Leaving the net wide open like that surprisingly makes it easier for the other team to score but that didn’t happen here thanks to the great relationship Rask and the ice made when they went to the same summer camp back in ’89.

– Edzo, Patrice Bergeron is just as good at hockey as I am awful at announcing and commentating. What Bergeron does well Edzo is pretty much everything, which is something my wife wishes I could replicate even once in the bedroom Edzo.

– There are two things Max Pacioretty does real well Edzo: (1) Run head first into stanchions and (2) Cry a lot. Because Montreal didn’t go to the same pre-school as some of the other hockey towns, they still don’t realize hockey is a contact sport and that is why Patches went off when Carl Soderberg breathed on him.

If I’m Pacioretty Edzo I’m grabbing my iPod during intermission and playing Justin Timberlake’s “Cry Me a  River” which coincidentally was a popular song down at Shattuck St. Mary’s when it first hit the air waves Edzo.

– The reason Brian Gionta is a good player today is because he went to college at BC about 50 years ago and for some reason I think this factors into the game and is important to bring up three to four times a period Edzo.

– Speaking of Sidney Crosby even though we weren’t, I once jacked off in a Burger King bathroom when thinking about his sweet wrist shot.

– The Bruins have given the Canadiens a good number of breakaways and if I’m Claude Julien I would be upset with that because, and the casual observer won’t understand this, but giving up break aways is not a good way to win a game. Luckily for Boston Rask went to middle school and can make those stops to bail them out.

– Football coaching staff is here watching the game tonight because they drafted a Canadian field goal kicker and they’re having him watch hockey to get tips on kicking a football. Real smart move there by a legendary football coach to have his players watch hockey to get a feel of how they should play on the field once the season starts.

– Edzo, at one point here we had Vanek and Iginla get into it a little bit and you can clearly see Vanek grab Iginla’s stick and then Iginla gets called for holding. Great call by the refs there Edzo because refs completely forget about the correct rules of hockey in Montreal because they’re afraid of all the douche bags who went to college together in 1912 that are in the crowd. They don’t know the rules of hockey here in Montreal Edzo and neither do I, which is why I think that was a great call.

– Late in the second Zdeno Chara pushed a ref during a skirmish and the ref looks at Chara and says “whoa buddy cut back on the Lucky Charms, that sugar is making you feisty” and that is just a bad mistake for Chara because Lucky Charms may be delicious but they are not healthy for relationships with refs and Chara should know that.

– Sitting here next to Boston’s own Hi I’m Chad Johnson here Doc and I can see he’s writing a suicide note and sharpening a knife. I can see something about listening to me being too much Doc but what Johnson is doing is cutting his wrist east to west when he really needs to do more of a north south cut Doc.

– Doc, we saw another case here of the Bruins being physical in a hockey game with Meszaros shoving Plekanec when he wouldn’t stop pestering Rask and that’s just wrong. There are kids watching at home Doc and checks and physicality just have no place in a heated rivalry game like this Doc.

– Edzo, when the Canadiens broke Rask’s shutout bid you saw a couple of the Bruins just stop playing and watch and hockey isn’t a game that should be watched by the guys playing the game, it should be played by the guys playing the game and that’s where the Bruins made a big mistake there Edzo.

– Doc, the Montreal crowd here boos every time Zdeno Chara has the puck and I’m guessing that has something to do with the time he introduced Pacioretty’s face to a stanchion. If I’m a Montreal fan, I don’t forget something like that. A hit like that could be something that stays in fan’s minds, plus I’m a total tool that looks like an ugly penis.

– Now, this may come as a surprise to players and coaches, but the loss of Dennis Seidenberg may have a big effect on the Bruins in the post season. What I would recommend here Doc is that the other Bruins defensemen step up to cover for that loss, but I’m not sure if that is something that can be done, noting that I jerk it when thinking about Seidenberg’s bulging package Doc.

– Edzo when I see Jordan Caron I’m reminded of Seabiscuit, who oddly enough went to the same college as Secretariat years ago, and that is why Caron is just as good as a horse would be at hockey Edzo.

– What really impressed me with Lars Eller was how he made an illegal hit from behind on Caron and then, per Montreal protocol Doc, he ran away. His level of cowardice was really impressive, as where his grades in his geometry class in high school Doc.

– How do I still have a job?

– Why won’t anyone tell me how annoying I am?

– What will it take for me to stop pointing out useless facts and just SHUT UP?!