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Biggest. Tim Thomas tribute. Ever.

This might be one of the best Tim Thomas tributes ever.

Via Boston.com:

Visitors to the (Sherman) farm are welcome to explore the maze beginning Sept. 17. Admission is $9 per person. Children under 2 are free. The Canucks couldn’t figure him out, see if you can.

While Boston.com says the maize is in Maine, PuckDaddy says NH. Either way it’s awesome. For more on Sherman Farm visit here.

Is that a 20 next to where it says “Stanley Cup”? If so, anyone know why? And does that say “Maigc” under his armpit? We assume it’s ’cause that’s what Thomas is made out of of. We see a 73 in the corner. That a nodd to Ryder’s big save in the playoffs? Are we thinking too much about this? Yes. It’s August and there’s no hockey.

There’s also no corn puns from us. We’ll leave that to Puck Daddy. They took all the “good” ones anyways. 

We’re thinking a field trip, gradeschool style. We’ll need permission slips though.