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Bill Simmons is just the worst

Bill Simmons really is just the fucking worst. Remember: It’s bloggers who can’t get facts right, not MSM. Can’t tell us he didn’t read passed  past the by-line… ok maybe he didn’t get that far. What a ‘loo.

Not sure what’s worse: Marchand getting “champions” spelled incorrectly on his body or Bill getting Marchand’s name wrong on a tweet about Marchand getting “champions” spelled incorrectly on his body.

Huge fucking Boston sports fan though.

We’re assuming BS stands for the standard “Bull Shit” since that’s all Simmons is good at these days.

On the other hand, it’s good to know that Brado and his brother Andrew are talking again after that awkward bathroom incident over the summer.

Simmons is a HUGE Bruins fan though. Just ask Andrew Marchand and Patrick Beverly