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Blame Northeastern for Saturday Bruins-Habs Start (among other reasons)

It’s been a while since we’ve seen the Bruins play and a while longer it’ll be. Round 2 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs can’t start until all teams finish Round 1, meaning Weds. night where Wild/Avs and Kings/Sharks play their decisive Game 7s.

That would mean the schedules would be released for Round 2 on Thursday and the Conference Semi Finals would begin on Friday. But not for the Bs-Habs. They’ll have to most likely wait until Saturday. Why? Goddamn Northeastern Commencement.

From Boston.com:

The Bruins and Habs, however, would be unlikely to start on Friday, as Game 1 must be in the TD Garden, where Northeastern University has scheduled their commencement ceremonies for that morning.

The university is expecting 20,000 undergraduate students, family members, friends, and university leaders in attendance. Students are scheduled to report at 8 a.m., with the ceremony beginning at 10:30 a.m.

Graduations go on forever, especially big schools like Northeastern. Sounds like the Garden doesn’t think there’ll be adequate time to take off the flooring and make sure the ice is cold enough that we won’t have to hear “the ice was shit” post-game comments.

But as long as the Bruins will be waiting for the series to start, it’ll be even longer for the Habs. Rest is always good this time of year, but sometimes there’s too much restOf course, we’ll have to wait until Saturday (at the earliest) to see if that holds true for Bs-Habs.