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Blog-warming party: We’re officialy on Bloguin

Hey all,

It’s been several weeks of hard work (mostly on the end of the Bloguin staff), but we’re officially moved to the Bloguin Network. For those unfamiliar with Bloguin, you should familiarize yourself with them. They’re an awesome network of sports blogs and are responsible for making our blog look as awesome as it is. Big props to those guys for al their hard work.

For those who aren’t familiar with us, let us introduce ourselves.

We’re three Boston Bruins fans and season ticket holders. We started this blog because… well, we had a lot of funny ideas for stories and photoshops and wanted a place to share them with the world. We think they’re funny anyways.

We’re a completely, 100% biased blog about the NHL and the Boston Bruins. We think Shawn Thornton is the third greatest NHL player of all time (behind Lemieux and Orr) and do Renee Rancourt fistpumps during even the most pedestrian of accomplishments. We are still bitter towards Ulf Samuellson and have shrines to Cam Neely. We love Ray Bourque, but refuse to support those half Bruins, half Avalanche jerseys people wear.

We debuted Days of Y’Orr to the world in April of 2010 on wordpress. All of those posts have been moved to this new Bloguin blog, but if you want to see our origins, you can do so at http://daysofyorr.wordpress.com.

You’ll mostly find crass humor mixed with heavy use of Photoshopping and Youtube videos here… you know, what the Internet was born for… well that and porn, but you probably won’t find any porn here. You’ll also won’t find any breaking news here. We’re not professional reports. Read Joe Haggerty and Matt Kalman if you want breaking Boston Bruins news. We just ridicule the news.

We do a bit of “investigative” reporting. Our top reporter is Patrice Purr-geron. He’s covered everything from the best mustaches in the NHL (ever), items the Bruins never leave their home without when hitting the road for away games, and the real letter Cam Neely wrote when he was named President of the Bruins.

Patrice Purr-geron. He’s kinda a big deal.


We have no love for Gary Bettman and think people need to leave Sidney Crosby alone. We are still not over what the Jacobs family has done to this once great franchise. We celebrate the 9th of every month as “The Chief” day, think Ed Johnston is the most under-rated back up goalie of all time and wish Terry O’Reilly had won a scoring title just for funsies. We are crude, opinionated, often wrong and hate when people yell “SHOOT!” at games. We think Section 306, Row 15 is the best place to be at the TD Garden, but we might be a bit biased.

We have a huge man crush on Johnny Boychuk (including a growing list of Johnny Boychuk Facts) and have long, involved conversations on whether or not Andrew Ference has the ability to please his wife with his always wonky groin. We hate it when people wear Celtics, Red Sox or Patriots gear to a Bruins game. We know you’re in Boston, but it’s a hockey game assholes.

We also hate it when people wear a jersey of a team that isn’t even playing. Unless it is a Whalers jersey. Long live the Whale. We want to have dinner with Shawn Thornton, even though we  know we would then be immediately traded to Edmonton.

So in short: We’re just a bunch of Bruins fan schmuks talking about the Bruins like we’re drunk at the bar (which is more than likely). We welcome comments (good and bad) and encourage fan debate. We want this blog to be fun.

Time to go.