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Bobby Orr Hated The Lockout


Joe Haggerty at CSNNE.com posted an article this morning about Bobby Orr and his thoughts on the NHL lockout. He was pretty candid when it came to his thoughts on the lockout, but one part really stuck out to me: 

“How do you pick winners in something like this? You can’t pick any winners and losers in something like this. Everybody lost.”

Fucking eh, Bobby is right. This comment is also coming off of the backs of Gary Bettman and the NHL owners, who held a press conference yesterday to officially announce that the NHL is going to return. They also apologized to the fans for the NHL lockout, which is a complete lie because they aren't sorry. If they were truly sorry, they would have discussed the upcoming CBA during the season last year and not in July, when they made their first piece of shit proposal. 

I dont have the energy or the testical fortitude to tackle why Gary Bettman and Jeremy Jacobs stood in front of media and fans and blatanly lied to their faces. I just don't have it in me today. In the words of Sweet Brown: 

aint nobody got time for that gif

It's true though, we don't have time for that. The only thing we reallyhave time for is January 19, 2013 when the Bruins open up their season at home against the Rangers, a team many are predicting to win the Stanley Cup. It'll be a good test to see where Boston is because the Rangers have added some talent to their roster. 

Either way, Bobby was right. Everyone lost when it came to the NHL lockout. Unfortunately, we (the fans) were the biggest losers of them all and we will just come back for more.