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Boston Beardwatch: Marchand gives ‘Caring for Your Facial Fur’ tips and Jagr goes Motörhead

Part of the fun of playoff hockey is the beards. Krug's beard is lacking but the vets can really get into some fun styles. This year Jaromir Jagr is sporting the  Lemmy Kilmister look.

Here's Jagr trying to seduce you in his bathroom:


More Jagr beard and Marchand has tips for your face fur after the jump…

And here's Jagr… oh god, what are you doing with the hat!?

He's not the only one getting into the facial fur spirit. Brad "Patchy Scruff" Marchand has some tips for those new to growing a beard.

Rest of the team talks about who has the best beard. Pando's got a solid beard but Boychuk's right there with him. Surprisingly Dougie has a good beard for being only 19, though we'll never see it again 'til next year most likely.

This is all we have to report until the conference finals starts. It's like Lockout 2013 2.0. Oof.