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Boston Bruins Fans Named 4th Most Engaged Fanbase in the NHL


TicketCity sent over this cool infographic about the most engaged NHL fanbases. And since the Bruins came in fourth and we love hockey infographics we figured we'd share:

Active NHL Fan Bases
Top 10 Most Active Fan Bases in the NHL created by TicketCity

Press Release:


The Toronto Maple Leafs hold the #1 spot on the list with an especially tuned-in fan base.  Online search volume for the team is the highest in the NHL with over 300,000 global monthly searches. Home games have long been one of the toughest tickets to acquire even during losing seasons, making Leafs tickets the most expensive in the league. Although slightly less social than other teams included in the top 10, more than 500,000 fans like The Maple Leafs on Facebook- a considerable community when compared to other top global brands.

The enthusiasm of NHL fans on social media is easy to see when compared to other professional leagues like the NFL and Major League Baseball. While the general popularity of other leagues drives more Facebook “Likes” on team pages, Facebook’s “Talking About” numbers reveal that NHL fans are more engaged with their team as fan communities three times their size. The Detroit Red Wings lead all of hockey with over 1.3 million likes on Facebook – including 80,000 fans that are “Talking About” the team on the social network (as of February 15). On Twitter the Montreal Canadiens have the largest reach with over 350,000 followers.

As a "thank you” to fans for putting up with the lockout, many NHL teams have had a multitude of concession giveaways and discounts on souvenir items to draw fans back to the games. The Pittsburgh Penguins — ranked #3 on the list and #10 in the league for home game attendance — offered all merchandise available for half-price during the first four games of the season. Fans responded by purchasing 8,680 jerseys and 19,950 t-shirts.

“The teams included on this list have managed to activate their fans in a variety of different ways,” says Rafael Rivas, Chief Strategy Officer at TicketCity. “Whether a fan “Likes” a post on Facebook or decides to attend a game, top NHL teams leverage these experiences to continue to build their fan communities. It’s those experiences that enable certain teams to maintain their success in the league post-lockout, regardless of performance.”

No real shockers on this list. They're all major hockey markets, Original 6 teams, and team's that have been to the Cup Finals recently. Only the St. Louis Blues don't fit this description really. Not overly shocked that they made the list but it's cool to see a team below the Mason Dixon line make the list. Bettman's smiling somewhere. Poor Kings. Not even winning a Cup last year and having a hilarious twitter account seems to engage their fans into this list.

Also, suck it, Buffalo and Winnipeg.