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Boston Bruins Increase Ticket Prices, 9th Overall In NHL

I'll be honest with you guys, there is nothing like experiencing a Boston Bruins game live. It's fun as hell to take in the atmosphere – the people, the beer, the cheering, the screaming, the yelling of SHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT when the Bruins are on a power play, the weird ass house music during warm-ups – it really is an amazing time. 

But Jeremy Jacobs is doing his best to make sure you can never afford tickets to the Bruins ever again. Forbes recently put out a survey of NHL teams and their average ticket prices. Not shockingly is the Toronto Maple Leafs rank first at nearly $370 per ticket ($368 and change). Here's the rest of the list until we hit Boston: 

2. Chicago – $313.18
3. Winnipeg – $276.69
4. Edmonton – $272.75
5. Vancouver – $265.48
6. Calgary – $262.10
7. Montreal – $257.06
8. New York Rangers – 232.93

And then we come to number nine, which is the Boston Bruins. The number itself is a little shocking, but the percentage in which the ticket prices is risen is even more. From Forbes

Following an impressive run to the Stanley Cup as a result of pure grit and Original Six style hockey, the Boston Bruins have seen a 37.26% rise in their average ticket price. While they opened last season at $162.12, this year the average price of Bruins tickets have climbed all the way to $222.53. 

A 37% increase in ticket prices? Jesus Christ. Here are teams with a higher percentage in prices from last year to this: 

1. Tampa Bay – 107.74% (26th overall in ticket prices)
2. New York Islanders – 102.91% (13th overall in ticket prices)
3. Anaheim – 86.71% (28 overall in ticket prices)
4. Chicago – 57.12% (2nd overall in ticket prices)
5. Carolina  – 55.18% (22nd overall in ticket prices) 
6. Florida – 42.24% (23rd overall in ticket prices)

Boston ranks 7th overall after those teams, but 9th overall in ticket prices. 

Wonder why you can't go to a game? 

(Stick tap to Puck Daddy for bringing this to light today. Appreciate it). 

UPDATE: Reader Matt is a STH for the Bruins and sent us this image: 

For those who don't know what's going on – Matt's ticket is $47 dollars while a ticket four rows behind him is going on ticket master for a little over $50 more.