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Boston Bruins outclasses by Detroit… again

Sorry, but usual game recap won’t be happening since it looks like no one did it. Here’s a quickie of what happened.

* The Bruins dropped another one to the Red Wings who look to have them outclasses in every department but net and, even then, Howard played real well when the Wings needed him, too. We talked about the Bruins double tapping the zombie city that is Detroit, well, the Wings did it to Boston this weekend.

* Seguin bounced back from his two healthy scratches to get a goal. Unlike rest of the team, he had fresh legs.

* Stuart was back after 100 scratches. He had fresh legs, too, and was tossing people around for a little bit.

* Brad Marchand continues to be a beast for Boston.

* Sadly, NBC has no fucking clue who Brad Marchand is… but they know who Todd Marchand and Andrew Marchand is. We knew about Chad Marchand but had no idea there were four Marchand brothers.

* Boston could definitely use a big center if they want to hang with the likes of Detroit. Red Wings looked in control for most of yesterday. No way Bruins would beat Red Wings in the Stanley Cup if the teams stay the same.

* Babcock has horrible fashion taste.

Babcock tie

* Hamill got sent back down to Provy… well, that experiment didn’t a) last long and b) go quite according to plan. 

* Bruins are one point ahead of the Habs. Gross.

* Chara Clock

Chara clock

* Good news for Boston is they have the Maple Leafs on Tuesday, the Islanders on Thursday and then the Senators on Friday, so plenty of games this week for the Bs to take their fustration out on.

For rest of the game action, check out the highlights.

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