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Boston Bruins Release Official App And We Break It Down

main app
Pez says: These pictures have been taken on Justin’s iPhone. Depending on your phone, the app may look a little different, duh. 
Oh yeah boys and girls. We are about to get all techy on your asses for a minute. Today the Boston Bruins have (finally) released an official Bruins app for iPhone, Android and Blackberry. You can find the app in your respective store. Okay, so let’s dive right into this bad boy. While the app is loading, you get to stare at Tim Thomas. If that excites your tender lady parts (or non-tender man parts) than so be it. So once you fire up the app, you come to the main screen. 

– Main Screen –

This is obviously your jumping off point to everything. Right away you’ll notice the first episode for “Bear and the Gang“, which we recommend you watch right away.  If you have absolutely no idea what I’m talking about, click on the link. It’s well worth your time. 

Along the bottom is various articles, interviews and photos. 

When you click on the word MENU, a menu will pop up with 10 different categories. They are: Live In-Game, Media, Player Info, Standing and Scores, TD Garden, Schedule, Tickets, Promotions, Fan Zone, More. 

Live In-Game – 

live in game
Unfortunately we haven’t had a chance to see this bad boy in action. As you can see here, there’s a ton of different content based on what you’re looking for. As you can see by the picture, you can view goals, shots, penalties and hits. You can also view stats for both teams. Pez Says: The only thing that bothers me is the color of the dots, depending on what phone you have. As you can see with Justin’s iPhone, his are yellow and a mustard-yellow. On my Android, the colors are yellow for the Bruins and orange for the Ducks.

Goals – Stars
Shots – Circles
Penalties – P
Hits – X

There’s also two other sections of the Live In-Game: Match up and Box Score. Pretty self explanatory. The match up tab is basically all your pre-game stuff. Of course, their previews suck compared to ours. The box score tab is a nice feature as it includes live play-by-play. 

After the jump, the rest of the application…

– Media – 

The media tab is everything you need for news, videos and photos. It’s sectioned by ‘Most Recent’, ‘Last Seven Days’ and ‘Older Posts’. At the top, there are four different tabs so you can choose ‘All Media’, ‘News’ if you just want news, ‘Videos’ for just videos and ‘Photos’ for just photos. From what I can tell photos cannot be saved to your phone, which blows (but is understandable). 

– Player Info – 

This is obvious. Click on the tab and it lists the players by numerical order. Click on the player and you get a list of their stats. 

– Standings and Scores – 

This feature lists all the standings, both by division and by conference. The ‘Scores’ tab gives you every score for every Bruins game, starting in September. It’s a neat little feature. 

– TD Garden – 

The feature gives you three options: 

– Arena Map: The arena map has an interactive map of the Garden available, though it is not currently installed in the app.
– Parking Map: Tells you of all the local parking in the area.
– Upcoming Events: This tells you of all the events coming up in the Garden.

– Schedule – 

The schedule has every game, listed by month, with a score underneath if (if completed). It is very similar to the schedule on the front page of the Bruins website.

– Tickets –  

Way to find tickets to upcoming Bruins games.  

– Promotions, Fan Zone – 

Pretty cool place. The fan zone has wallpapers for your phone, which is pretty awesome. You can also listen to the Bruins goal music, chat with people on Facebook and Twitter and play Fantasy Five, which I have no idea what that is. 

– Live in-game stuff
– Wallpapers
– Bear and the Gang

– Size. 12.41MB, the largest app on my phone. 

Overall consensus: It’s not a revolutionary app by any means, but it’s one that the Bruins sorely needed. If you have some space on your phone and you want a Bruins app, this is obviously the best one to get (outside of the DOY app, duh). I have it, I’ll use it when I’m away from a TV on game days.