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Boston Slaps Around The Worst Team In The NHL. Congrats?


Quite the turn around from Saturday's game from Sunday's game – although that's not saying much because Florida is terrible. If Boston lost to Florida, they should have just given up their playoff spot to Winnipeg and headed to the link early. Lets be honest with ourselves in regards to this game – Florida isn't Pittsburgh and Florida has trouble keeping the puck out of the net. Look at their last five games: 

4/11: 7-2 loss to Winnipeg
4/13: 3-1 loss to Pittsburgh
4/16: 5-2 loss to Islanders
4/18: 6-1 loss to Rangers
4/20: 6-2 loss to Devils

So it's not like Florida is coming in here on a winning streak. They're a shitty team with shitty goaltending – so what are you supposed to do to shitty team? Dominate them and that's basically what Boston did. 

After the jump, the meat and potatoes of the recap. 

Mmmm meat and potatoes. 


– Jaromir Jagr was a monster. He was all over the ice yesterday and sniped one hell of a goal top shelf over Markstrom's glove. Since Jagr's been in Boston, he seems to be in a "pass first" mode, but not here. Nice wrister. 


– Carl Söderberg grabbed his first NHL point yesterday with a second assist on Jagr's goal. Jagr and Söderberg definitely have some chemistry and I hope Claude keeps them on the same line together. Actually, I hope Claude just keeps his lines the same in consecutive games. 


– Dougie Hamilton scored, breaking a streak of 5 games where he scored a goal. 

shutout bitch

– Tuukka Rask was solid after a day where he openly complained about his own play. He made 28 saves yesterday, scored another shutout and didn't look like he was out of position at all. Just a good, solid game. The Bruins are going to need him to be on point during the playoffs. 

– Discipline. Holy shit, you mean Boston can have games where they don't take 7 penalties?! The team should be embarrassed about their play during the third period against the Penguins. With that said, they turned it around against Florida and took two penalties. You can't give any team 7 power play chances and expect to win a hockey game. 


power play

– Power play goes 0-2 against the worst penalty kill in the NHL at 73.1%. And the second power play (I believe) had about zero zone time. Jesus fucking Christ – this is starting to become pathetic. At what point does something change – like Geoff Ward getting fired? I'll complain about this until kingdom come. 

– Boston needs to play Florida to end a losing streak. FUCKING. FLORIDA. There is literally nothing good about Florida. Their football teams suck. Their baseball teams suck. Their hockey teams suck. Their basketball teams suck. Their attraction lines are to long. Their early bird specials are to early. Their weather is hot and muggy. They're god's waiting room. 

And through it all, Boston needed to play the NHL's version of The Sandlot to end a losing streak. That's bad – like really bad. Win against Carolina or the Islanders? Nope. Pittsburgh? God no – Boston is 0-3 against them this season. How about Buffalo? Nope – piss away a lead and lose in a shootout. 

But then there's Florida. 

Excuse me while I'm not overly excited that the 4th place team in the East beats down on the 15th place team (and 30th overall in the NHL). 


– Is Milan Lucic even trying anymore? Can we stop using HE HAS A FAMILY as an excuse? I have a family, in fact I have TWO kids and they get up during the middle of the night. Is that an excuse to come to work and do nothing and get paid a shitload of money to do it? 

– Is Nathan Horton hurting his hand on Jarome Iginla's face a perfect analogy to what this season has been for Boston? 

– Does anyone else feel bad that Jagr has to play on this team? 

– Why am I so overly negative?