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Boychuk Gives Tampa a Rock Bottom. BRUINS WIN.

That game started so ugly, but the B's pulled it out. Usually that method doesn't work, but it did against Tampa. Probably because Stamkos is still getting back into game shape and St. Louis cried his way out of town and Tampa doesn't have much other than that. 

Bruins really need to stop that habit of lazy third period play that results in a game tying or game blowing goal. That's been a habit for way too long. But hey they won so we won't bitch too much. Suck it Tampa.


– Campbell, this is why you should leave the fighting to Thornton. Aulie as four inches on Thornton but Thornton brought the THUNDER! Get it!? Seriously, we love you Thornton.

– Krug has scored a goal for awhile, but his creativity is great. He's good at picking his shots and still makes great assists. Another playing showing you don't need to score to contribute.

– Merlot Line tearing it up lately. Campbell has been scoring like he's a goal scorer or something. Thornton's blasting people. And Paille strikes against the Lightning! LIGHTNING PUNS! …sorry. Seriously though, every time Paille scores an angel gets an erection. Plus that goal was extra awesome.

– Soderberg was awesome again. Looking forward to seeing what he can do in the playoffs now that he's comfortable in the Bruins system. Carl has been a BEAST. What what what I score on break aways bitch.

– What a game by Johnny DESTROYchuk. Clutch goal to tie the game in the third then he ABUSED Tyler Johnson and prevented a goal. ALL HAIL BOYCHUK.

– Reilly Smith CLUTCH. Rask and Bishop were putting up brick walls in the shootout but then lil Reilly delivered a seventh round knockout!

– Rask was a little soft against the Lightning. He was probably still bored from the Capitals game.

– After a few great games, the Bruins started off terribly slow. There was no life in the first 20 minutes. Then again, now that I think of it, maybe they were just doing an impression of the average Tampa Bay crowd. Now it's hilarious.

– Tonight was one of those nights that showed you why Chara needs rest before the playoffs. The big guy looked BEAT tonight and had a rare off game.Valeri Phlipadelphia kind of school Chara for a goal. 

– Interesting that Meszaros was scratched again. The younger Bruins D-men have performed admirably but they're starting to show their youth and lack of experience lately. Meszaros is by no means a superstar but he could probably contribute a bit better at this point than someone like Miller.

– Oh Dougie. You had a TERRIBLE game. Someone give him a hug. He didn't really do much of anything in this game.

– Other than Lucic, Bruins first line showed zero life. COME ON GUYS!