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Boychuk Re-Signs, Tyler Ennis Cries
Boychuk, destroyer of worlds...

Tyler Ennis is contemplating leaving hockey after finding out Boychuk will be staying in the division as Johnny Boychuk has signed a two year deal to stay with the Boston Bruins. Once Joe Haggerty confirmed it, we believed it.

UPDATE: Multiple sources (Pierre Lebrun, Joe Haggerty) have confirmed that the deal is worth $3.75 million (Boychuk will get $1.75 million the first year and $2 million the second year).

Great signing in our minds. The term is good enough where if Boychuk regresses or isn’t as good as he was last year that it won’t kill the Bruins to put him on the bottom pairing.

If Boychuk continues to improve, a cap hit like that would be a steal for the next 2 years.

Boychuk hits, and hits good. He blocks shots. He has a BOOMING shot from the point. And he’s got a nasty side. What more could you want in a defender? He was Boston’s best d-man in the playoffs. We’re incredibly happy the Bruins are bringing him back.

For now enjoy some sweet sweet Johnny B highlights!!!