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Brad Marchand’s boned

Brad Marchand plays on the edge. He’s a pest and loves to get into people’s faces. He’s a thorn in Bruins opponent’s side and that’s one of the reasons we love him — that and his surprisingly offensive skill set. Alas, when you dance on the edge of a dagger you’re bound to get cut.

And Marchand’s going to feel the NHL’s blade after this hit.

No penalty on the play which is pretty surprising. This is textbook Rule-48 headshot. Not much talk of the play during the game but after the game, Umberger said:

 “I haven’t seen it, but I’ve heard he might have left his feet with an elbow,” Umberger said. “That’s what it felt like . . . You got to think that’s one of the hits we are trying to eliminate whether it’s inadvertent or not.”

Not sure who said Marchand left his feet, but he did lead with an elbow. It wasn’t like Marchand threw a flying elbow or anything.

Still, no way Brado gets off scottfree on this play, especially after the NHL let Chara off with a pat on the butt and a “Good hustle.” Bruins are under a microscope now. All the penalties being thrown their way over the course of the last two games is evidence of that. This hit is worth probably two games at worst (no injury), a fine and a wag of the finger at best.

Only way Brado gets off completely free is if the NHL decide it was one of his four brothers who took his place on the ice during that shift. Obvious candidate: