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Brad Marchand’s Head Lettuce Is No Match For His Angelic Pipes

If you’ve been a long time reader of Days of Y’Orr, you know our undying love for Shannon. She’s been at both of our viewing parties, she’s been seen rocking DOY signs at the Garden. Shit, she even got Johnny Boychuk to congratulate us for winning Bruins Blog of the Year from TruFan. Well, Shannon has come through again and we fucking love her for it. 

Yesterday at Cuts for a Cause Brad Marchand got his head lettuce chopped into a beautiful skullet. Well there’s more to the story. While in the chair, Marchy rocked some Wham! to the people. So for your viewing pleasure, Marchand belts out some “Wake Me Up”. Too bad he doesn’t have the George Michael beard to go along with the sweet pipes.