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Breaking Down The New Atlantic Division

With the NHL opener tonight and the Boston Bruins home opener days away, I think this is the perfect time to remind everyone that the Bruins are in a new division this year. Yeah, yeah, I'm sure you all remembered but it's okay to give a little refresher. 

RIP Northeast Division

With the new re-alignment in the NHL, we finally say goodbye to the Northeast Division that began in 1993. The Northeast Division ended with Montreal, Boston, Buffalo, Toronto and Ottawa fighting it out for one of three spots in the playoffs. Since it's inception, the Boston Bruins have won the most Northeast Division titles with 5. 

Team Number of NE Division Titles Last Year Won
Boston Bruins 5 2012
Ottawa Senators 4 2006
Pittsburgh Penguins 3 1998
Montreal Canadiens 2 2013
Quebec Nordiques 1 1995
Toronto Maple Leafs 1 2000
Hartford Whalers 0

With the end of the Northeast Division, the NHL finally shut up the people of Detroit and brought them to the Eastern Conference. Unfortunately the Florida teams are included as well – which fully makes up the Atlantic Division. 


With a re-alignment also comes a new playoff format. The top three teams in each division are in the playoffs. To fill the last two spots, each conference is given two wild card teams which is the two teams with the highest point totals among non playoff teams. 

So you could realistically have:

Atlantic Division Playoffs:
(1) Boston Bruins vs (WC) New York Islanders
(2) Montreal Canadiens vs (3) Ottawa Senators

Metropolitan Division Playoffs:
(1) Pittsburgh Penguins vs (WC) New York Rangers
(2) Philadelphia Flyers vs (3) Washington Capitals

Round 2 takes place between the two winners within each division and round 3 is the Conference Final. Later on today we will have our predictions on who wins the Atlantic and the rest of the NHL.