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BREAKING NEWS: Joffery Lupul Not Dead After Devastating Stick To The Face

Man, fuck Lupul. 

If you missed it last night, let me paint the picture for you. The Bruins and Leafs are battling in a 3-3 tie with less than 7 minutes left in the third period. Toronto is firing puck on net right now and the Bruins are scrambling to get the puck out of their zone. They are finally able to get the puck up ice when Chara is called for a "high sticking" penalty. 


What? I figured it was a case of "2 minutes for Chara being tall", something we've come to expect watching Chara bang bodies around. But then you look at the .gif above and it's clear that Lupul embellished this call so bad that somewhere Michel Therrien was nodding his head and smiling in approval. 

Luckily the Bruins killed that penalty and Dion Phaneuf did Dion Phaneuf things to lead to a Bruins overtime victory. 

But seriously, shit like this needs to start being called – or at least fined after the fact. If you're going to call embellishment (as they did with Lucic in Game 3), make it consistent. 

get fucked