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Bruin-A-Day Celebrates Bruins’ Hockey in Art Form

Heather Rose is a big Boston Bruins fan and for the past month and a half she's been working on a project where she draws portraits of the current team and all in pencil. She's posted some previews and progress pics on her Instagram account, but now Bruins fans can get an upclose look at her work.

Her Bruins Pencil Portraits are being showcased at Fun-A-Day 2014 Show, along with a bunch of other arists who also drew the same thing 31 times in a row last month. Talking about dedication. 

Here's the Facebook Event page. And the flier:

Opening Reception is next Friday, February 21st from 7-9pm. But if you can't make it to the grand opening, the show runs from Feb 17th through April 5th. The art show is located at Voltage Coffee & Art in Cambridge, MA.

And yep, prints are available at the show or through HeatherRoseStudios.com.

Congrats to Heather! Go support a local artist and Bruins fan!