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Bruins Draft Goalie Malcom Subban

subban tears
Oh Peter, you fucking troll you. 

Friday the Bruins drafted Malcolm Subban at #24 overall and it pretty much took everyone by surprise. I mean everyone. 

A lot of people didn’t understand why the Bruins drafted Subban in the first round and some of them just assumed that the Bruins drafted Malcolm to further the rivalry with the Montreal Canadiens and their turtle, PK Subban. So lets stop the second theory right away. This isn’t WWE and I highly doubt that GM’s specifically draft players just for rivalry purposes. Also, Subban is probably 3-4 years away from playing in the NHL so PK may not even be a Canadien. 

Hell, maybe he’ll be a Bruin!

I digress. Subban is 19 years old and has only been playing the position for about 7 years (he started as a 12 year old). His numbers has improved in the 3 years he’s played for the Belleville Bulls. His stats from last season are pretty promising: 

Games Played Wins Losses GAA SV% SO
2011-2012 39 25 14 2.50 .923 3

That’s not too bad considering he’s not an elite goaltender. Don’t think of this move as a “this year” type of draft. Rask is 25 years old so when Subban is “ready”, it’s possible that Rask is in his 30s which would put Subban in his prime (about 25-26). 

We also believe there’s a new Bruins TV deal in the works: 


Anyways, here’s your newest Boston Bruin: