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Bruins Fade Away Like Rex Manning. BRUINS LOSE!

Well that was a disheartening loss. Bruins came out sticks blazing in the first. If Fleury had started over Vokoun it would've been 20-0 Bruins five minutes in. 

But then much like a Buffalo Sabres playoff run, the Bruins just faded down the stretch. What made the loss even worse was that the Penguins were playing without Crosby, Malkin, Neal and Martin. For a team with Stanley Cup aspirations, it is NOT a good sign that you had trouble hanging with your top competion while they were missing four of their best players.

We can only hope they get their shit together in what little time is left before the playoffs.

– The people of Boston. The city of Boston. all police, EMT's, fire men/women, doctors and nurses in the Boston area. Thanks for proving, despite such tragedy, how bad ass and awesome Boston is. You don't fuck with the city of Boston, right Mr. Thornton?

– This.

– Good to finally hear some cheering at Bruins games lately. This season TD Garden has been almost as quiet as Rexall Place in May.

– Glad Lucic was FINALLY a healthy scratch. Guy is still living off making Komisarek his bitch and that one time he sent a dude through the glass. The Bruins were MORE physical with him out of the lineup.

– Patrice Bergeron is a freaking demon.

– Late in the first Engelland took a small run at Paille. Engelland has a good 15-20 lbs on Paille. Paille sees him coming, braces for the hit, and throws a shoulder into Engelland. Engelland goes flying. Awesome.


– Marchand's goal had a purty mouth.

– Thought Seguin had a great game overall. His goal late in the third was too little too late for the  Bruins, but love that the kid was still trying until the end.

– Soderberg was exactly what we expected he would be. Some good things, some meh things, some awful things. Liked that he battled in the corner and used his size along the boards. He did seem a bit timid with the puck but that's to be expected for his first NHL game. Hate to keep harping on it (sort of) but he was more noticeable than Lucic has been the past month or so in just one game.

– Not sure why happened the rest of the game, but the Bruins showed us the team we all know and love in the first. They were hitting EVERYONE, setting up great plays in the offensive zone and were rock solid on D. That Bruins team is a Cup contender. The team we saw the rest of the game, not so much.

– Answering the bell.

– 4/20 is a stupid, stupid "holiday." To quote Daniel Tosh, "I hope pot finally gets legalized so pot heads NEVER have anything to complain about again. Why don't you grow up and do a real drug like cocaine?"

– We appreciate your enthusiasm Marchand, but that penalty you took against Jokinen could not have come at a worse time. That guy is afraid of his shadow. His biggest talent is waiting until two refs shield him from opposing players before chirping. He wasn't going to fight you buddy. 

– With boos raining down on him, Iginla scored a power play goal. Ouch.

– Poor Boychuk learned what it's like to be on the other end of one of his hits when some Penguin narrowly avoided getting run over and Boychuk slammed into the boards. "So that's what it's like to get hit by me?"

– Horton and Lucic have been the Invisible Duo lately but still sucks to see Horton injured in his fight against Iginla. We probably won't know how serious it is for a day or so, but an anemic Bruins offense could really use 2011 playoffs Horton.

– The Bruins ability to finish. They got soooooooooooo many quality shots and yes Vokoun played like a beast but if they don't start finishing all those chances they won't last long in the playoffs. The Bruins are the porn stars of the NHL because they never seem to finish.

– P.K. has had a rough time lately. Come back awesome Bruins P.K.!

– Is it just us, or does it seem like any of Jagr's linemates seem to defer too much to him? He'll set up these awesome looking plays but then either no one is there to take his passes or they just awkwardly pass right back to him.

– Matt Cooke is still a punk ass. Thought Chara was going to rip his face off.

– Despite another painful loss, the Bruins have shown more physicality and effort the past few games overall. Question is can they improve and keep it up.

– What went through the minds of the people near the glass near the boards when they saw Boychuk charging full force in their direction?

– How scary will the Penguins be if they get Crosby and Malkin healthy for the playoffs?

– Why is Patrice Bergeron so freaking awesome?

– We'll never know the answer to that last question. He just is. He just is.