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Bruins fans: Get your pic taken with Rancourt at ‘Rene’s Village’

Good news if your a Rene Rancourt fan and will be at tonight’s game.

Per the Bruins Buzz on twitter, you can get your picture taken with Rancourt at “Rene’s Village” at tonight’s game during the first and second period behind Loge 7. All you need is a camera and $10 to “donate.”

First Rancournaments and now pics with Rene? This is like the best Bruins Christmas. Ever.

Rene Rancournament, Rene-Village

We’re stoked at the chance to get our picture taken with Mr. Rancourt. We love the red carpet leading to his throne and hope he’s wearing a crown. But the candy cane wheels and while, fluffy clouds make it the scene a tad bit… creepy.

We hope we can sit on his lap.