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Bruins Forget Playoffs Started, Lose 2-0

(Note: no “real” recap today. Days of Y’Orr crew was at the game last night so we couldn’t take notes. We’ll be back to normal Saturday)

You’re going to hear it from Habs fans today. Don’t bother using the “it was just one game” argument. In their minds they’ve already won the Cup.

We’re not going to mix words. The Bruins SUCKED last night. They didn’t play their game. They were nervous and timid. You can point to their shot total but 99% of their shots were front long distance and Price had a good look. Boston thought the logo on Price’s chest was a target. Marchand’s failure to grab that easy goal changed the whole game.

Also, someone needs to tell the B’s to stop with their blind drop passes. Those haven’t worked all season.

Also, how do you have pride as a Habs player or fan when you support their diving? That isn’t hockey. If Habs fans want to keep living in the past, Richard didn’t dive. But that was back when the Canadiens were an actual hockey team and not a bunch of bums. Too bad non of their current fans were around for that, even though they pretend they were.

That isn’t how you win playoff games. You go to the front, pay the price. The Bruins didn’t do that last night. They are one of the toughest and most physical teams in the league and they played like lambs.

What is important is how they respond next game. If they can’t answer the call they are no different from the past two years. Habs fans will come in and be like hahahahaha you guys suck. They haven’t won anything recently either so you can just laugh back. That is what is fun. Just keep your cool. While Montreal is busy burning down their city after one win, just grab a drink or something and wait until Saturday night.

There are already a bunch of Habs fans talking about how Bruins fans are not classy based on this above pic. Now, that statement is ironic coming from a Habs fan in general, but here’s some video evidence to counter those fans:

It really was just one game. So much went wrong that things can only go up from here. The Bruins played like crap and the Habs still just barely won. Thomas will be sharper. The first line will wake up. They’ll hopefully stop over passing. Let it go. Game 1 is over. Onto Game 2.