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Bruins getting busy in January

Get it? Ok fine… Boston Bruins schedule for January:

After only a four games in 16 days, Bruins will finally get really busy in January.

They have three back-to-back games in January (Devils/Flames, Panthers/Lightning & Rangers/Flyers). Of those six games only two are home (Flames & Rangers). They play six games in nine days. 

Lots of curreny playoff cotenders this month. Big games of note:

  • Jan 7 vs. Canucks
  • Jan 12 vs. Habs
  • Jan 21 vs. Rangers
  • Jan 22 vs. Flyers

You can even throw in the two Devils games into that lot, too. Only the Caps, Habs, Tampa and Flames are currently not in a playoff spot, but they easily could be.

That Flyers-Rangers back-to-back games could be brutal.