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Bruins go with new ad agency; can we blame Tampa Bay?

Boston Bruins Hockey Rules
The Bruins have cut ties with Mullen, the advertising company that came up with the brilliant Bear and the “Bruins Hockey Rules” commercials. But have no fear, the Bruins fully plan on continuing the Bear commercials with their new agency, Arnold Worldwide.

Some quotes from the Boston Herald story:

“Everyone loves the bear. It’s an icon, and we’re looking to evolve the idea and take the bear into new places,” said Peter Favat, Arnold’s chief creative officer. “We have lots of great ideas and are gearing up to develop a social media campaign that will get fans pumped for the new season.”


“The bear was an extremely popular campaign and we think it reignited the fan’s passion for the teams and fueled their success,” said Mullen spokesman David Swaebe. “We are proud of our work and the Bruins’ success, and now it’s another agency’s turn.” 

Chris Cakebread, a communications professor at Boston University, had a smiliar question we were asking ourselves when we read the headline. Why are the Bs cutting the company that came up with such an brilliant marketing campaign?

Cakebread said it’s not unusual for an agency to inherit a brand’s advertising. “In a marketing situation, the client owns the work,” he said. “The question would be why did they replace one agency with the other.” 

Instantly our minds went back to the Bruins-Tampa series in the playoffs in which the Bruins posted these beauties.

In in return, the Tampa fans — led by one giant douche nozzle — called the Bruins PR/marketing staff, calling them fags and leaving death threats on their voicemails. Lotta sand in their vaginas during that series. Sadly, the Bs PR staff caved in and took the signs down. Luckily we were around to stand in for the signs.

One has to wonder if this was too much for the Bruins marketing staff to bare, hence the Bruins not doing any more tongue-and-cheek ads thereafter and the hiring of a new agency this summer. We’d try contacting the Bruins PR staff ourselves but we’re 99.9% sure they’d just deny it all… if they even got back to us at all.

We still think the Bruins should’ve hired us as their new marketing campaign folks.

tampa bay sucks

green men suck
Viva la Bear!