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Bruins Hockey Rules – Days of YOrr Style

So yesterday the Days of Y’Orr email received a request from the fine people of the Vancouver Province newspaper asking about our Sedin garden gnome Bruins Hockey rules picture. We sent the fine people of the Province five different hockey rules signs and a short description of why DOY is doing this. What did they use? Nothing. No images. No quotes. The only thing of substance is some random Vancouver citizen says Justin “doesn’t have a very high IQ”. Now how having a high IQ relates to making posters is beyond me, but I can’t hear that well from the insulation in my mom’s basement anyways. Since the good people of Vancouver are being deprived of these Bruins Hockey Rules signs, we decided to post them here, so here you go.

Update: The above image actually did run in the Province newspaper (just not the web edition). We want a copy of this.

After the jump, Bruins Hockey Rules*…

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sami salo

free willy
green men
*These images have nothing to do with the actual team, so if you’re going to complain Vancouver, email us. Ya turkeys!