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Bruins Lose to the Bruins. BRUINS LOSE.

Not even concerned. Seriously. Fools like Stan Fischler are going to bring up all that 2010 crap. The Bruins learned from that. It won't happen again. 

They beat themselves tonight. Really, they did. Rangers fans can try to tell us we're being sore losers or whatever but let's review: Rask just flat out fell on that first goal. Defense took themselves out of the play on the power play goal. Rangers can have hope all they want. Bruins will just stop them on Saturday.

This intro would be longer, but Jon is at work, Justin and Robb are out and Greg has two kids. Don't over react Bruins fans. They got this. By this time next week the B's will be playing in the Eastern Conference Finals.

– Boychuk was a beast again. We saw a lot of stuff on Twitter from media people being shocked at how well he's playing and how many shots he's blocking. Anyone shocked by Boychuk's awesome play simply hasn't been paying attention. Don't worry Johnny, we're not surprised. We know you're awesome.

– The B's discipline. Rangers tried so hard to get them to fight (well, they tried to get guys like Paille and Marchand to fight instead of going afterguys like McQuaid and Thornton) but the B's knew a win was more important. Sure, they failed to win but still. Wow the Rangers are awful.

– Seeing Boychuk lay out Dorsett was INCREDIBLY satisfying.

– Chara busted Henrik's mask. What a beast.

– Well Seguin, you certainly did pick a FANTASTIC time to score your first goal of the playoffs. Seriously kid. Seguin has actually been playing well the past few games. Nice to finally see him grab a goal. Hopefully we all shut up now.

– Don't worry Rask. We don't know what the hell you were doing on that first goal but we still love you. Seriously. You silly prankster. Rangers fans wish they had a goalie as good as you.

– So umm…that Torey Krug kid loves scoring, eh? The only thing he loves more than scoring is scoring again. 

– Krug played for the Spartans in college. Coincidence?


– Roman Hamrlik, you're awful but hey we thought we'd try to make you feel better by showing our favorite highlight of you.

– How the hell is Johnny Torts considered a good coach? Down 3-0 in the series, you bench Brad Richards for a player that even Rangers fans said isn't good enough to be in the AHL, nevermind the NHL. No wonder it looks like his players just gave up on him.

– All the people that are going to call into the SportsHub on Friday saying Rask needs to go and that Khudobin should start the next game. Rask had a soft game. Whatever. If you think he sucks or should be benched go drink a bleach cocktail.

– Anyone who said the following phrase on Twitter: "Switching back and forth between the Sox and Bruins games." You're a terrible person. Baseball is boring. Playoff hockey is the best thing EVER. You're dumb. DUMB. Did we mention DUMB?

– King Henrik our collective ass. Look  up over rated in the dictionary and you'll see a picture of No Cups Henrik.

– Rick Nash thinking he's tough. LOLZ.

– B's defense had an off game. A lot of the B's did. Whatever. It just came at a bad time. Not only because they lost, but because now we're going to have to deal with hack writers spouting off shit about 2010 for two days.

– Bruins… we love you. We love watching you live. But we're poor. If you won tonight we wouldn't have to pay for tickets for Saturday. We thought you loved us. 😦

– This recap. Off like the Bruins. Oh well.

– We're not happy until you're not happy.

– Why is Erik Karlsson so awful in his own end?

– How awesome is Ed Cash's mustache? VERY awesome.