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Bruins, Pens just dominating playoff offensive categories

It's the Bruins and Penguins world and everyone else sucks. Am I doing this right?

Here are the current offensive leaders:

Not bad. Big surprise is Horton. He seems to be invisible this post-season but he's quietly wracking up the points and is the league's best plus/minus. He also is in second place for GWG these playoffs. They're not as memorable as the 2011 run but a GWG is a GWG, dammit.

Also, Krug is only three goals behind Sidney Crosby for the post-season lead and he's played half the number of games. Not bad for the rookie d-man. He also is second place for power play points. Hopefully this trend can continue against Vokoun.

Also (Captain Obvious alert) Pitt is stacked. Stopping Malkin/Neal/Crosby is going to be a big task. We'll really get to see how Boston's young defensive-core handles the speed and skill of the Penguins. We love what we've seen from them so far, so this should be a fun series to watch… also, stressful.