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[UPDATED] Bruins Season Ticket Holders and the Lockout

So it looks like the Bruins are finally acknowledging that there could be a lockout. Today, emails started rolling out to season ticket holders (of which we [and by we I mean Justin, Pizz and Jon] are) that gives them two options if there is an NHL lockout. Here’s what the e-mail said: 

As a valued Season Ticket Holder, I want to make you aware of contingency plans in place should an agreement not be reached in this timeframe. In the event a work stoppage occurs, I would like to offer you the following options regarding your season ticket investment for the 2012-13 season in appreciation of your loyalty.


Option #1: Loyalty Program  

You may elect to earn a 3% APR credit on the ticket money for games missed. In electing this option all ticket money and credit from games missed must stay on account.  By choosing this option you will be committing to renew your season tickets for the 2013-14 season and you will lock in a price freeze on your season tickets for the 2013-14 season.  


Option #2: Monthly Refund

You may elect to earn a 1% APR credit on the ticket money for games missed and receive monthly refunds on the ticket money for games missed. Your 1% APR credit from games missed will stay on account.

Fucking Christ. There’s always a pain that hits you in your stomach when you get an email like this because it is sort of an admission from the team. The email goes on to say that when the 15th hits and there’s an official lockout, more details will be provided. 

I wonder if a lockout will exclude people from getting their perk package as well (signed merchandise, etc). Probably, which really blows.  


God, you have to love the Bruins. After sending out this notice, Jon immediately got this in his inbox:


 Basically they’re telling us how to buy more tickets…for a lockout…must be all that 3% APR we’re getting!!