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Bruins Sign Julien To Extention

Yesterday afternoon (or evening?) the Bruins sent out an e-mail saying that they have reached a multi-year deal with current coach Claude Julien. Claude was going into a lame duck year (that means the last year of his contract) and I think it was smart by Bruins management to lock him up. I’m not saying that Julien is one of the best coaches in the NHL, but there would be a team looking for his services if he were to ever hit the “open market” as a coach. You don’t think a team like Montreal would love to snatch up their enemies former head coach (who also speaks French)? 

I know some people were upset with Julien’s extension and I’m not entirely sure why. The guy has been the Bruins coach for five seasons. His record is 132-50 in those five seasons and he has a Stanley Cup ring on his hand. That’s not too shabby. Does his playoff record speak for itself? Not really, but not every coach and take a team to the Stanley Cup Finals year after year.

This team is built for his system, whether we like it or not. It’s a defensive system, so don’t expect to see a 50 goal scorer anytime soon. I think the closest we get is Seguin somewhere around 40, which is still a great achievement given the scoring woes for the Bruins in the past.

I called Peter Chiarelli and inquired about the contractual status of Julien’s now famous dog. I’ve been told that the dog isn’t real. God dammit.