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Bruins sign Milan Lucic to three year extension, gives finger to Buffalo

milan lucic“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”
That’s the mantra Peter Chiarelli seems to be working on as the NHL heads into another lockout. Last lockout the Bruins let most of it’s core players walk, absolutely destroying the team. This time. Bruins have re-signed Kelly, Campbell, Marchand, Rask, Segui (did we miss anyone?) and now Milan Lucic.

Looch’s deal is worth an average of $6 million/anually over the next three years, according to the Boston Bruins. Remember that when the owners continue to complain about giant contracts, they’re still signging dudes right up to the lockout.
His recent stats:

Team DOY has been harsh on Lucic over the past year. It’s not that we hate Looch (well, Greg might); we just want him to live up to his full potential and especially during the playoffs when the team really needs him to bang bodies. We have another four seasons to see if he can do that. It also means four more seasons of seeing him potential bash Komisarek’s face in and making Sabres fans turn purple in anger everytime he hits the ice.

Worth it. 

Also, thanks Bruins for waking me up at like 9am to your text alert.