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bWo: Best Anti-Bruins comments from the NHL Facebook page

No question that Boston Bruins are hated around the NHL. Gotta expect that when you play gritty hockey in an otherwise finese-leaning league and even more so when you’re reinging champs.

The NHL Facebook page posted a pic of the Bruins with the caption: “LIKE/DISLIKE: The surging Boston Bruins are strong contenders to be the first back-to-back Stanley Cup winners since the Detroit Red Wings (1996-97, 1997-98). Check out their 9-0 win from last night”

The comments can be broken up into a few categories: “Bruins are goons” “Bruins run up the score” “Go Rangers!” and “Conspiracy theorists.”

You can read all the comments on Facebook but here’s some of the best.

“they won’t get the cup again because the whole teams gonna get suspended for being assholes”

“Woow! Season barely half over and these talks already. Boston beat a bad Calgary team who had in their back up goalie. If Boston can beat a high calibre team like Vancouver with the same score or anyone else high in the standings then those talks can begin”

“if Roberto Loungo is a little girl,what does that make Brad Marchand?”

“they are playing too well and will burn out before playoffs and be a first round knockout”

“Bruins suck Vancouver will own them tomorrow” 

“Only good player in Bruins is Tuukka Rask”

“If Grampa Thomas gets injured, the Ruins will be all done.”
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“I dont see an Yzerman on their team; therefore, highly unlikely”

“Who cares go bolts”

“The Bruins are probably the dirtiest and most cheap-ass team in the league. And for all those “at least Boston didn’t riot” idiots, what if they had lost? They probably would have considering the Bruins have retarded fans.”

“Ya that makes u a good team when your running up the score on a team that is already beat. What a bunch of scumbags. Their stars were still playing when it was 5-0. When they play Vancouver, they’ll get put back in their place”

“dislike ! Boston’s got too many “rats” as Brian Burke likes to call them……….. atleast in the old days a goon would have to answer for his cheap shot/unsportsmanlike play… nowdays they’re all a bunch of pussy’s who hide behind the ref’s. There’s no place in hockey for these type of players, at any level “

“Lol its too early to tell bowtn could hit a 15 game skid or a longer one like the ducks it does happen” 

“Lol I’m pretty sure no one roots for the bruins in the playoffs . Almost all of them are goons who take a million cheap shots a year”

“Dislike. Bullies. They only won last season because the NHL is biased and didnt hold them accountable for the unsportmanlike unethical stuff they did.”

“You know, I used to be a bruins fan… then I started cheering for a less dirty team (insert sarcasm face here)”

“I réalité doupt it. They Will arrive in playoff overconfident And fail” 

“You have to respect their skill, but it would be nice if they would respect the teams they play agaisnt. A lot of dangerous hits are layed out. Raymond was blessed after game 6, hits like that can kill.”

“Not a chance!! The injury bug will catch up to them soon enough, and they don’t have the depth to help them!!”

“With the NHL in their back pocket its no wonder Bruins are doing well.” 

“Disrespectful.show some respect Boston…for once.”

“you must be delusional if you think bruins are going back to back. funniest thing I’ve read all day.”

“they are really good, however, they have a lot of support in refs overlooking would be penalties…changes a game. so i do not care for them. the cup, yes, good chance they will get it again…with a little help from their friends”

Our response: Love it when ppl refer to Boston as the Ruins ’cause that’s pretty much what they’re doing to the rest of the NHL right now.

S/T to Mike Z. for this.