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Cavalry is On it’s Way: Carl Soderberg Wants to Join Bruins After SEL Playoffs


That unicorn in the Boston Bruins organization, Carl Soderberg is making waves once more. Back in January The Bomb wrote this (and we transalted via some translation site):

The Bomb

Carl Soderberg Boston – now? Yes, many sources say that Boston makes a serious attempt to recruit the elite series målkung to NHL – immediately. The salary of Soderberg said to be $ 1.5 million for a full NHL season. But the main characters gives a different picture of Sportbladets news and information.

And now Dreger is reporting that the Soderberg is interested (finally) in heading over to Boston once his Swedish League is over.





And for those wondering, no, he doesn't have to clear waivers. The Bs were smart and listed Soderberg on their Reserved List so he can just join the club without fear of being stolen. For those who don't remember 'cause it's been so long, Soderberg was traded to Boston for Hannu Toivonen (trololol).


Knowing the cavalry is on the way might put Chia's mind at ease in trying to fill that open winger spot on the third line. Like we talked about in last night's DOY Pregame Show, the answer for the third line isn't probably going to come internally. I guess Soderberg is technically internally but not really. More like on the fringe.


“He’s always been an intriguing prospect for us,” said Bruins general manager Peter Chiarelli. “He’s big and offensively skilled, and obviously he’s having a monster season over in Europe this year.”

Soderberg has put up 31 goals, 29 assists and 60 points this season for Linkoping. He'd be a huge asset to the Bruins if he can translate his scoring talent over to the smaller NHL rinks.

From the Herald:

“We’ve been trying for five years to get him over here and it’s close,” said Chiarelli, who said the move wouldn’t stop him from continuing to explore the trade market. “He’s had a hell of a year and he’s grown into a big strong kid now, a man, and he’s told us that he feels he’s ready now. He’s a good player, big strong player. There are still some steps to go, but it looks good.”

And it'll mean another dreamy face for Bruins fans to drool over. Just look at that hair.

So here's hoping the Linkoping HC club gets knocked out of the Swedish Elite League playoffs real fast.