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Canadiens apologize for picking Cunneyworth. Seriously.

Montreal Canadiens apologize to fanas for hiring Randy Cunneyworth
The Montreal Circus just keeps getting zanier and zanier.

First, 911 calls. Then their rally against hockey violence that no one attended. Last month, news of the upcoming “language rally.” Then Plekanec and Subban going fisticuffs over whoknowswhat yesterday. And now the Habs are apologzing to their fans for naming Randy Cunneyworth the interim head coach.

Per some shitty sports network:

“We’re disappointed and we’re sorry if we offended anybody by hiring someone who is not bilingual right now, but when you’re in the middle of a season and you’re trying to effect change and you’re having the difficulties we were having, you evaluate all your options,” Gauthier said.

“We felt the best option at this time was to work from within the organization. Those things can be taken care of in due time, but having a bilingual head coach of the Montreal Canadiens is very important and it’s something that will be part of our decision going forward.”

Poor Cunneyworth. Guy takes over a shit team and gets shat on some more by fans for not knowing French. And now his boss apologizes for ever naming him the interim head coach and Cunneyworth knows he’s not going to have the big job at the end of the season. Montreal is giving him a lot of incentive to gve a shit.

Thor all the fucks

He might as well throw that Rosetta Stone away. He won’t need it come April.


Cunneyworth might be the first Habs employee we ever felt bad for.

The Habs organization and it’s fanbase are in some serious need of self-evaluation.