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Cashing in on the Lockout: What teams are offering season ticket holders

Now that the lockout is upon us, fans and especially season ticket holders are wondering what will become of their tickets — or to be more precise — all that money they spent on them. Do they get it back? Do the teams keep it? Does it get rolled over to next season? 

Well, those questions are being slowly answered. We already know what the Bruins season ticket holders are being offered — 3% APR “loyalty” program and a “price freeze” (how sweet of them!) or a 1% APR monthly refund.

boston bruins season ticket holders lock out
And now we have the Bruins 10 & 11 Game package info which is pretty much craptastic. Thanks to Katie (@Bruins22) for sending us the info:

As we enter this work stoppage it is possible that games in your package will be missed this season. Please review the following information about your ticket package.

  • Payments will be stopped until a new agreement has been reached.
  • If you are on the 5 month payment plan, 50% of your remaining balance will be due once an agreement is reached and the remaining 50% due 30 days after the first payment.
  • If you are on the 50/50 payment plan, your remaining balance is due once an agreement is reached.
  • Should games in your package be missed, additional details regarding your ticket package will be communicated once an agreement is reached.
  • There will be no refunds or exchanges on any game plans.

But how does this compare to what other NHL season ticket holders are being offered? We take a look at the rest of the league after the jump.

Minnesota Wild

Wild fans are getting a much nicer deal compared to Bruins fans. From Star Tribune:


I haven’t seen the letter, but Chief Operating Officer Matt Majka explained it to me.


1. If a season-ticket holder is willing to keep their money in their account during the lockout, they will receive 10% APR interest (so annualized interest computed over 360 days; not 365) on their money for the games canceled and not rescheduled.

That interest can be used as a credit in their account.

When a game is at least postponed or canceled, from that moment, if a season-ticket holder keeps their money in their account, the STH would receive 10% APR interest for each day it remains canceled or postponed and last until the NHL announces a new schedule.

So obviously that’s better than putting your money in the bank. The last lockout, the Wild offered 5%.

2. The other option is a refund. For any game canceled and confirmed by the league will not be rescheduled, 10 days to two weeks subsequent to the month that the games were in, a refund will be issued for the value of the tickets.

Basically, Majka says the Wild is trying to give strong incentives for season-ticket holders to keep their money in their accounts.


Nashville Predators

DOY reader Greg K. forwarded us an email he got from Preds fan relations. It’s a “keep your money or roll it over” deal for people with package game deals:

You should have received a couple of emails over the weekend with details on our plans going forward but I will highlight the main points of the email for you. I completely understand the frustration and we are going to make sure all of our season ticket holders are taken care of. 

1) All future charges on the payment plan will be frozen until a resolution is reached
2) The regular season is scheduled to start on Oct. 13th, so we have about a month to see if the issues get resolved before any games get rescheduled
3) We went ahead and charged the card for September because the 15th was over the weekend, and this was done to avoid a “double charge” in October and keep your payments on schedule
4) Season ticket holders who leave their money on account will receive additional Smashville Rewards points
5) For any games missed or unplayed, you will have the option of using that money towards future games, or having the money refunded if there is a complete cancellation 

I hope all of this makes sense. We are continuing forward as if there will be a season and hope that the situation will be resolved at some point over the next month so that no games are missed. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out, but I can assure you that you will be taken care of as a Season Ticket Holder. I will also continue to touch base with you as the season approaches and the situation continues to develop.

Greg sent us some updated info this morning, 9/21:

Additionally, as we said in the previous communication, we have created the most attractive benefits plan for the best fans in all of professional sports.  When you leave your season ticket investment on account during the work stoppage, you will receive credit up to the amount paid on your account equal to the dollar value of tickets for games cancelled and not rescheduled, plus 10.25% bonus credit (on an annualized basis) on those cancelled games. The bonus credits will appear on your account once a new CBA is in place and a revised schedule has been released. This credit and earned bonus credit on your account can be applied toward purchases of food and beverage, merchandise, select Bridgestone Arena events, single game tickets, 2013 Stanley Cup Playoff tickets or your 2013-14 season ticket renewal.  Refunds for cancelled games are available as a second option, however if you elect to take the cancelled game refund, the bonus credit and corresponding benefits will not apply.  During the course of the work stoppage the Predators will send Season Ticket Holders weekly updates on additional ways to use these credits in Season Ticket Holder Benefit alerts.  You can view a current benefits summary here.         

Furthermore, you will also receive 7,000 points in Smashville Rewards to use toward concert tickets, autographed items, meet and greets, once-in-a-lifetime experiences and special events at Bridgestone Arena.  Smashville Rewards is the most dynamic benefits platform in professional sports and we use this program to reward you for your loyalty to the Predators organization.

Phoenix Coyotes

The Coyotes offered a similar plan to their fans, according to Jenna of HipChecks.com:

We get either 2% simple interest by check or 5% simple interest in Coyotes Cash to be used for future tickets and concessions.

And for their partial season ticket holder fans:

A coyotes fan with a partial game pack had called and asked. They were told that they could always pick 12 games once play resumes or receive a partial or full refund. Basically, they would be made whole by either choosing later games, getting money back or a combination.

So if you’re a partial ticket holder for the Coyotes if you want out, well, tough titties.

Buffalo Sabres

We love to give Buffalo crap but they’re going an extra mile to inform their ticket holders. They got video and everything. (Thanks to DOY reader Beechsack for the link):

Buffalo probably did the best on providing the info. That video is informative and even does the math for us so fans can get an idea of how much/little they’re getting back on their “investment.” Their info page even has a FAQ. Well played, Buffalo. Well played.

New York Rangers

Kevin from TheRangersBlog reported on what Ranger STHers are being offered: 

During this process, we are committed to keeping you informed and rewarding you for your continued support. In the event that a new Agreement is not reached prior to the start of the 2012–13 regular season and a work stoppage occurs causing home regular season games to be cancelled and not re-scheduled, Season Subscribers will each have the option of either receiving a refund with interest on a monthly basis or choosing to keep money on account with interest. More specific details about refunds or credits will be shared at the appropriate time as necessary.


San Jose Sharks

The Sharks are really leaving their fans in the dark, according to the CouchTarts. Shark fans might not know what will happen until after a new CBA is inplace:

Twitter scuttlebutt says the Sharks are holding off on sending STH until a new CBA is announced. If you used a payment plan, your last payment won’t be due until a new CBA is in place. Otherwise, nothing else has been announced.

Updated: Kent B. sent us to the Sharks STH Lockout FAQ. Here are some excerpts: 

At the time the current CBA expires, your season tickets will be at least 70% paid. We will not charge or invoice for any future payments until there is a CBA in place. Once an agreement is reached, we will adjust your final payment(s) to reflect the actual number of games scheduled.

Should the NHL officially cancel more than 25% of the games for the 2012-13 season, we will offer SharkPak holders refunds on a month by month basis.

Should the NHL officially cancel more than 30% of the games for the 2012-13 season, we will offer full season ticket holders refunds on a month by month basis

Beginning October 31, we will refund accounts for games missed in September and October.  We will continue to offer refunds on a month by month basis at the end of each month.

So in short… SJS fans will get game refunds but unlike pretty much every other team out there, no interest on their account. Sorry, Shark fans.

Vancouver Canucks

What about some of the Canadian teams? Here’s what the Canucks told Dani from BenchedWhale:



  • You will receive a refund for any games lost as a result of a reduction to the 45-home game season;
  • Should this occur, refunds will be processed within 10 business days of the end of the month;
  • 3% rebate credit (compounded annually) will accrue monthly, based on the funds on account at the end of each month;
  • The rebate credit will apply from September 16th until the first scheduled game to be played in a revised season;
  • Under a revised season, your 12.13 ticket package(s) will be pro-rated based on the number of games in the new schedule, including our best efforts to match comparable games from the original season schedule;
  • Any excess funds on account that are not applied to the revised 12.13 season will be refunded within 10 business days after the new schedule is released;
  • In the event the entire season is lost, a final rebate credit will be calculated at that time and a refund for the remaining funds on account will be processed within 10 business days, less a 10% deposit that is required to retain your Ticket Holder status for the 13.14 season;
  • The total rebate credit accumulated can be applied against the 2013 Playoffs, if played, or the 13.14 season invoice.


  • With this option, your funds will remain on account and be applied against future ticket purchases;
  • Under a revised season with less than 45 home games, your 12.13 ticket package(s) will be pro-rated based on the number of games in the new schedule, including our best efforts to match comparable games based on the full season schedule;
  • 3% rebate credit (compounded annually), based on the funds on account, will accrue from September 16th until the first scheduled game to be played in a revised 12.13 season;
  • Once the season starts, the rebate credit on any excess funds on account that are not applied to the revised 12.13 season will continue to accrue until April 1, 2013 (if the funds are applied to the 2013 Playoffs) or until August 15, 2013 (if the funds are applied to the renewal of your 13.14 ticket package(s));
  • In the event the entire season is lost, the funds on account (less a 10% deposit that is required to retain your Ticket Holder status for the 13.14 season) will continue to accrue the rebate credit until August 15, 2013 when full payment for next season is due.
  • The total rebate credit accumulated can be applied against the 2013 Playoffs, if played, or the 13.14 season invoice.

Similar to Boston but no mention of a price freeze. Shit. Imagine a price raise after a lockout?

Edmonton Oilers

We couldn’t find a ton on the Oilers website but did find this little blurb on their ticket page:

Please note: If for any reason there is a change to the Oilers 2012-13 schedule, tickets purchased for individual games that experience any change in game date or opponent will be automatically refunded. Refunds, which include all ticket fees paid, will be issued within five business days of confirmation of the game cancellation. Games affected ONLY by a game time change will remain valid.

Steven sent us better intel:

As you may be aware, the National Hockey League and the National Hockey League Players’ Association are currently engaged in the process of negotiating a successor to their current Collective Bargaining Agreement, which will expire on September 15, 2012. It is the League’s objective to successfully conclude negotiations for the new Agreement between now and September 15. In the event a new Agreement is not reached within this timeframe, however, and a work stoppage occurs, the Oilers have established the following options with respect to your Season Seat account:

Preferred Choice: Make your next account payment as scheduled on September 4, 2012 and subsequently maintain the 40% balance on your account throughout the duration of the work stoppage, and you will receive 4% annual interest on your account balance during the work stoppage. If you select this option, your September 4 payment will be processed automatically without any further action required by you. If you make your payments by credit card, please ensure your credit card number and expiry date is current in your Oilers Account.

Minimum payment: At your discretion, you may withhold your September 4 payment. If at any point after September 14 your account balance is less than 40% of the full value of your ticket package, you will receive 1% annual interest on your account balance during the work stoppage. To withhold your September 4 payment, log into your Account Manager no later than Tuesday, September 4 at Noon (MT) and select “view/edit settings” from the left column. Then under “Manage Your Settings” select “Suspend My Account Payments” and follow the instructions.

Regardless of the option you select, you must maintain the minimum 20% deposit in your account at all times to maintain your right to purchase your seats.
All payments due after September 14, 2012 will be temporarily suspended until a new CBA is reached.

Interest will be calculated on your account balance using simple daily interest starting September 15, 2012 and ending when a new Collective Bargaining Agreement is reached or February 28, 2013, whichever occurs first.

Pittsburgh Penguins

The Post Gazette detailed what the Pens have in store for their STHs if games are canceled:


According to an email distributed by the team under name of senior vice president David Peart:


• Refunds for canceled games will be provided, if requested in writing.

• Such refunds will be handled within 10 business days of the last day of each month and will be based on the number of games canceled that month.

• Season-ticket holders who do not request a refund will have their payments remain with the team and be applied toward future games, playoff games or season-ticket renewals.

• Accounts paid in full that do not request a refund will earn simple interest calculated at an annual rate of 1.5 percent. It will be calculated from the time at which a game is cancelled until the last day of the month for which the refund is owed.

Chicago Blackhawks

Blackhawks fans not as good as Boston’s “loyalty” program but better than Monthly Refund. From Chris Kruc of the Chicago Tribune:

And Blackhawks fan Erin sent us more info she got from the team on partial ticket plans:


We also wanted to provide you with the information below that will help you with questions about your tickets for the upcoming season:


  • If the season is started with the existing schedule beginning on October 13, plans will be reduced by the number of pre-season games cancelled.
  • If the season is started with rescheduled game dates and/or opponents, new plans will be created starting with the first game played as Game Number 1 – the number of games in each plan will be reduced based on the number of games cancelled.
  • You may choose a refund or account credit for any reduction in the number of games in your plan.
  • Refunds for any cancelled games will include an additional 2% interest.
  • We will communicate updates to you via email and post new information on chicagoblackhawks.com as it becomes available.

LA Kings

So how are the reigning Stanley Cup champs dealing with the lockout and their newfound energized fanbase? From our friends at theRoyalHalf:

Ticket Package Holders have the following two (2) options:

  • Option 1 – Kings Loyalty Reward Credit: You will receive a 5% Annual Percentage Interest Rate credit on the amount of license fee payments which remain with the Kings. The license fee payments (as adjusted by the interest rate credit) can be applied as a credit against license fees due for 2013 Stanley Cup Playoffs games, or the 2013-14 Regular Season games. See below for full terms and conditions.
  • Option 2 – Plan Refund: Alternatively, you will receive a monthly prorated refund of license fee payments held for any cancelled games plus a 1% Annual Percentage Rate refund payment. See below for full terms and conditions.
  • Carolina Hurricanes

    Thanks to Nathan V. and Conor P. for sending in the ‘Canes info. Pretty similar to Boston in terms of interest rate.

    At this time, no games have been cancelled, and the possibility of the Hurricanes playing the full season schedule still remains; however, given the current uncertainty of the situation, ticket mailings have been suspended until the newCBA is reached. Assuming that an agreement is made to preserve the season in its entirety, 12-Game Plan Holders will receive their ticket plans in the mail approximately one week prior to the first game in their ticket plan.

    If an announcement should come from the league that there will be a postponement or suspension of any games, then we will be sure to inform you of any planning adjustments that may need to be made as soon as possible. Should the unfortunate situation arise in which any games must be cancelled, we want to give you complete assurance that Season Ticket Holders will not pay for any games which go unplayed.  Additionally, should the lockout continue past Sept. 29, the monthly payment drafts of Season Ticket Holders currently taking advantage of the extended payment program will be suspended.

    Furthermore, your continued support as a Season Ticket Holder, during what we know is a frustrating time as the NHLand NHLPA strive to reach a balanced, long-term labor agreement, is tremendously appreciated. In honor of your patience during this process, Season Ticket Holders will be provided with 3% simple interest on the money in your ticket account (accrued beginning September 16, 2012 through the duration of a lockout) which can be used towards additional 2012-13 regular season or playoff tickets, or towards your 2013-14 season ticket renewal.

    Calgary Flames

    Here’s info on what Flames fans can expect. Info sent in by Corey B.:

    Should games be formally cancelled, interest will be paid on the value of cancelled games at a rate of 3% per annum. Interest will be paid on accounts in good standing that are paid in full or on a formal payment plan.

    They also provided a FAQ in the email. Here’s a snippet:

    Any games not played will be fully refunded and credited to your account.

    The NHL has mandated minimum standards for the individual teams with regards to refunds for cancelled games. The Calgary Flames are pleased to have exceeded the minimum standards to provide more value to our season ticket holders. All fully paid accounts and accounts that maintain their formal payment plan will be given interest on the value of any games cancelled with interest calculated at a rate of 3% per annum.

    Accounts must be in good standing to qualify. Interest will be calculated as follows:

    The Flames will calculate interest by reference to games formally cancelled. For example, in the month of September we have two games scheduled to be played. If both games were cancelled, we would begin to pay interest on 2/45th of the value of your full season ticket package.

    Interest would be credited monthly and would continue until the start of the 2012-13 season or September 2013 (in the event the entire season is cancelled), whichever occurs sooner.

    E.g. In October, we have 7 games scheduled. If all games in October were cancelled we would then pay interest on 9/45th of the value of your full season ticket package.

    If, at some point in time, the entire 2012/2013 season is cancelled, we would retroactively calculate the interest payable on the full amount on deposit for 12 months (September 16, 2012 until September 15, 2013).


    Washington Capitals

    Hannah V. forwarded us what Ted Leonsis sent Caps season ticket holders. It’s probably the lamest of the team lockout packages:

    Obviously we will not charge your account for any NHL games that are not played. If an agreement is not reached by Sept. 15, we will suspend our monthly payment plan and your account will not be charged until further notice. In appreciation of your continued support and loyalty we would like to provide you with a 1% APR interest on the funds you have on account related to games that are not played. In the days ahead you will receive additional information that goes into greater detail regarding the interest and refund policy.

    Philadelphia Flyers

    Lauren G. hooked us up with the Flyers season ticket information:

    2012-13 Season Ticket Update

    • All upcoming payments due under your payment plan, if applicable, have been suspended.
    • As to payments that have been made to date, you can choose from one of the options below:


    • All previous payments on your Flyers account to date shall remain on account through 
      the duration of the work stoppage and shall earn 2% simple interest, a significant increase over current bank rates.
    • Interest shall accrue beginning September 16th and shall end on the date an announcement is made finalizing the start of the 2012-13 NHL season. Interest will be calculated based on your total paid value as of September 16th.
    • No action is necessary to select this option.


    • Receive month by month, partial refunds of the amount paid to date on your Flyers account through the duration of the work stoppage.
    • Refunds will be issued for the total paid value for games canceled each month (calculated assuming 44 games scheduled for the Wells Fargo Center) and will be issued in a lump sum by the 15th of the subsequent month. Refunds will be processed in the same manner (i.e., refunded to credit card or by check) payment was received. Interest does not apply.
    • To elect this option, please send a written request including your name and account number to Flyers Customer Service via email at flyersservice@comcast-spectacor.com or by mail to: 3601 S. Broad St., Philadelphia, PA 19148.

    Montreal Canadiens

    The good people from http://teliopost.com/ had this on their website and forwarded it to us regarding the Canadiens season ticket packages:

    Dear Season Ticket Holder:

    The National Hockey League has announced today that in the absence of a new Collective Bargaining Agreement between the NHL and the NHL Players’ Association, it had no alternative but to declare a lockout which possibly could delay the start of the 2012-13 season. We are disappointed with this turn of events and be assured that we will keep you informed of future developments.

    Should any game be cancelled during this process, the Montreal Canadiens has established lockout policies. These policies have been planned with a view to make things easier in the event of an early resumption of activities at one time or another. This is also why you have already received your tickets.

    Here are the options available with respect to payments made by you for your 2012-13 season tickets:

    Credit + 3% rebate
    Payments received may be left as a credit in your account. You will benefit from a 3% rebate which will be calculated as follows: Amount paid (net of taxes) x 3% per annum beginning September 16, 2012 and continuing until next ticket invoicing. The credit and the accumulated rebate will be applied as a credit toward either playoff games or next season renewals.

    Monthly Refunds
    You may request a monthly refund for all cancelled games. The refund will be issued within 10 business days after the official cancellation of games by the NHL. For example, should the NHL cancel October games on October 5th, we will refund all October games within 10 business days following October 5th

    We invite you to select one of the two options before September 30. You can either do it online via your personal account by clicking here or simply email your account executive.

    We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. We remain hopeful that this matter will be quickly resolved and we thank you for your continued loyalty and understanding in the circumstances. For any questions, please feel free to contact your account executive.


    Geoff Molson
    Chairman of the Board and owner

    Anaheim Ducks

    SportsBusinessDaily.com has a running blog about the NHL Lockout. In yesterday’s post they had a section called “Buyer’s Remorse”:

    The Ducks said that fans “who keep their money with the club will receive 5% interest on the money and credit for all games missed, which is the same as the Kings’ policy.” Fans who want an immediate refund “will get that plus 1% interest”

    Winnipeg Jets

    How bad does it suck to be a Jets fan? Finally get your team back and a year later they’re in a lock out. Some good news though. They’re paying their fans back… kinda. From the Winnipeg Sun:

    But fans have a choice: They can keep their money with the Jets and collect 3% interest toward 2013-14 tickets, or get their money back every 15 days of lockout season, with only 1% interest.

    Columbus Blue Jackets

    Yes, a Columbus Blue Jackets season ticket holder. It’s like spotting Bigfoot fucking a football, but we love Dustin anyways. He was awesome enough to send us Columbus’ lockout policy: 

    As you may be aware, the Collective Bargaining Agreement between the National Hockey League and the National Hockey League Players’ Association expired on September 15 and unfortunately, a new agreement has yet to be reached. It is the League’s objective to successfully conclude negotiations for the new Agreement as soon as possible and avoid any delay in starting the 2012-13 NHL season. However, in the event a new Agreement is not reached in this timeframe and the work stoppage causes games to be officially cancelled by the National Hockey League, the Blue Jackets have established the following options for payments related to games cancelled. 


    Option 1: Keep Money on Account and Receive a Credit of 4% Toward Future Ticket Purchases

    • Season ticket payments can be left on your account with the Blue Jackets and applied towards future ticket purchases such as remaining payments towards additional tickets for the 2012-13 season (i.e. single game tickets, group tickets, suite rentals, additional season tickets or playoff tickets) and/ or the renewal of your season tickets for the 2013-14 season.
    • Season Ticket Holders electing this option will be provided a credit of 4% calculated using simple interest. Interest will be calculated from the point at which a particular game is cancelled to the last day of the month for which the credit is owed.

    Option 2: Request a Refund For Payments Related to Games Officially Cancelled

    • Season Ticket Holders requesting this option will be provided a full refund for any games officially cancelled.
    • Refunds will be processed within ten (10) business days of the last day of each month beginning in November and will be based upon the number of games officially cancelled in the applicable month.
    • Refunds will be processed using the same method of original payment (i.e. if you purchased your Blue Jackets ticket package using a credit card we will issue a credit to that same credit card). If you paid for your tickets with cash or check, we will issue a check made payable to the Season Ticket Holder of Record and mailed to the address we have on file. Please log on towww.MyBlueJacketsAccount.com to verify that we have your current address on file.


    • We will credit the payments we have received to date against the last regular season home game (Home Game 45) and work backwards (Games 44, 43, 42, etc.). For example if under your payment plan you’ve only paid 60% of the total amount due for your tickets, your credit will be applied against the final 60% of the scheduled games (Home Games 19-45).
    • For those on monthly payment plans, we will continue to process the automatic payments you have authorized your bank or credit card company to make to us until we have received payment equivalent to the value of two-thirds of the games in your package. For example, this would be 30 games (i.e. Home Games 16-45) for a full season ticket holder.
    • In the event the work stoppage extends into the season, this plan is designed to keep your account current until games resume. When games resume, if the number of home games scheduled exceeds the number we have received payment for, we will reinstitute the automatic payments you have authorized your bank or credit card company to make to us. The remaining payments will be determined by taking the balance due and dividing the amount by the number of months remaining between the point the work stoppage ends and February 20 which is the last date we accept payments for the 2012-13 season. This plan also refunds your money if the number of cancelled games exceeds the percentage of the season you paid for. If we reach the point where the percentage of the season cancelled exceeds the percentage of your payments, we will offer you the same options outlined above for customers who are already paid in full – i.e. option to receive a refund or keep your money on your account and receive a credit of 4% calculated using simple interest that you may use in a variety of ways as outlined earlier in this letter.

    With regards to your Blue Jacket Season Pass(es), you will receive your new digital ticket cards shortly after the conclusion of the work stoppage. Also, if you are interested in purchasing pre-paid parking in the parking lots surrounding Nationwide Arena, we will send you an email with the appropriate links to purchase parking following the conclusion of the work stoppage

    Again, it is the hope of all involved that agreement on the terms of a new Collective Bargaining Agreement will be reached quickly and that there will be no interruption or change in the original schedule of games for this season. However, as a valued season ticket holder we wanted to make sure you are aware that contingency plans are in place should any pre-season and /or regular season games be missed. Your support and loyalty is not something we take lightly or for granted. It is important to us that you remain an integral part of our team for many seasons to come. In the near future, you will be contacted by your personal Blue Jackets representative Sean Siebenkittel to answer any questions you may have regarding the options outlined above. If you would like to discuss your options before then, please feel free to contact Sean at 614-246-4306. We also have answers to a number of Frequently Asked Questions posted on our website. Please click here to see the Frequently Asked Questions related to the NHL Work Stoppage. 

    Again, thank you very much for your passion, loyalty and support. We hope to see you at Nationwide Arena soon. 


    Bob Sivik
    Vice President, Ticket Sales & Service

    Dallas Stars

    Luther, from our own network at StarsofBigD.com, sent over Dallas’ policy as well: 

    As you may be aware, the National Hockey League and the National Hockey League Players’ Association were unable to reach consensus on a new Collective Bargaining Agreement as of September 15, 2012. Since a new Agreement was not established and a work stoppage is in effect, I wanted to inform you that the Dallas Stars training camp has been postponed and there is the possibility of preseason and regular season games being rescheduled or canceled.


    We appreciate your commitment to the Stars, and obviously, you will not be charged for any games which are not played. In the event we do not start the season as scheduled, the following will be our contingency plan for your ticket package:

    You will receive account credit for all home games which are not played, based on the original 2012-2013 NHL schedule. In addition, we will credit your account 5% of your ticket value for any un-played games in your plan. This account credit may be applied to purchase tickets or suites to any Stars home games during the season or playoffs. Or, you may choose to apply this credit towards your 2013-2014 season tickets.

    At this time, you do not have to do anything. We will continue to communicate on a regular basis on the status of the work stoppage. You will receive your account summary and season tickets immediately after the 2012-2013 schedule is confirmed by the NHL. If for some reason our policy is not ideal for you, we will provide a refund for any home games not rescheduled. Please contact your Customer Service Manager at 214-387-5535.

    While we are hopeful that there will be a positive and quick resolution to collective bargaining between the NHL and the NHLPA, we ask for your patience as the owners and players work together to establish a new agreement that is mutually beneficial to the future of hockey and the Dallas Stars.


    James R. Lites

    President & CEO

    Toronto Maple Leafs

    I asked for this on Twitter and thanks to a retweet by Pension Plan Puppets, one of their readers (draglikepull) sent me to this

    Dear Season Ticket holder

    As you are aware, the current NHL Collective Bargaining Agreement expires September 15th, 2012. We are hopeful that an agreement will be reached, and as such have scheduled your season ticket package to be delivered later this week. However, we ask that you do not distribute your tickets until a new NHL Collective Bargaining Agreement is reached, as the original Pre-Season and Regular Season schedule may be impacted. If the schedule is impacted, we will follow up with further instructions. 

    In addition, as previously communicated, you will have two options available in the event that games are cancelled. 

    Option 1: Loyalty Program – As games are cancelled, you may elect to keep your money on account with us until hockey resumes and a credit will accrue in your account at an annual simple interest rate of 5% on Toronto Maple Leaf payments. Your credit will be applied to future renewal fees or playoff games. Note that your account must be paid in full to select this option. In the event games are cancelled, interest will begin to accrue on September 15th, 2012. 

    Option 2: Monthly Refund – We will refund you on a monthly basis for all games cancelled in the preceding month. You will also receive, on a monthly basis, an interest payment payable on all funds related to Toronto Maple Leaf games held in your account during the applicable month. The interest amount will be calculated at an annual simple interest rate of 1%. In the event games are cancelled, interest will begin to accrue on September 15th, 2012. 

    If you have not already done so, please confirm your preferred option by clicking here. The deadline to select your preference is September 15th, 2012. If we do not receive your selection, we will assume that your preference is to receive a monthly refund. 

    We thank you for your patience and understanding in this matter. As always, we will be sure to keep you informed and aware of any related developments. If you have any questions, your Service Team is available at 416-703-LEAF (5323) to assist you.

    Your Account Service Team

    Florida Panthers

    The Panthers sent a three-page PDF to fans, according to Pete. They’re also calling it a “protection plan.” Who needs protecting?

    Please submit your selection at floridapanthers.com/panthersprotectionplan by Monday, Oct. 1. In the interirm, below find the Panthers Protection Plan options as it pertains to your season seat owner account:

    • Loyalty Option 1: Full account balance retained by the Florida Panthers and earn 10% loyalty CREDIT on your account.* Further details enclosed. 
    • Loyalty Option 2: Full account balance retained by the Florida Panthers and receive 5% loyalty PAYMENT back.* Further details enclosed.
    • Option 3: Receive a refund in the event any 2012-13 home games are cancelled and not rescheduled by the National Hockey League. Further details enclosed.

    *Loyalty credit and/or payment are based on the amount of games cancelled in your plan for the 2012-13 season.

    We guess you’re not loyal if you pick Option 3. The other two PDF pages go on to explain exactly how each option works. Here’s how Option 1 works:

    By selecting this option, you agree to leave all monies for your 2012-13 season tickets in your account in the event any 2012-13 preseason and regular season games are cancelled and not rescheduled by the NHL. In such an event, you will earn a 10% loyalty credit, for the amount of cancelled and not rescheduled games by the NHL. Loyalty credit can be used towards your 2013 Stanley Cup playoff tickets and/or 2013-14 Panthers ticket purchases, as applicable. In the event the entire 2012-13 season is cancelled, you will be automatically renewed for the 2013-14 season at your 2012-13 season ticket prices. Your selection of the loyalty option 1 is fma] and cannot be changed. 

    Your account value for two full season seats is $6,270, $71 .25per seat. Suppose 5 games are cancelled for the 2012-13 season, the total loyalty credit earned for the 5 games cancelled is $71 .25. ($71.25 per seat X 5games= $356.25 X 2 seats: $712.50 X 10%  $71.25 total loyalty credit) Payment for the 5 games cancelled will be applied toward 2013-14 season. Total credit for 2013-14 is $783.75.

    New Jersey Devils

    Thanks to Lisa G. for sending us in the Devil’s STH lockout program info:

    OPTION A: Keep Money On Account And Receive Interest

    Season Ticket Holders will receive a credit for any cancelled games along with 2% interest through the season or until play resumes. You may use the accumulated balance toward the purchase of individual tickets, Playoff tickets or towards your 2013-14 Season Ticket renewal. To exercise this option, you won’t need to take any action as we will automatically deposit the ticket value associated with any cancelled games and interest, into your account on a monthly basis. Interest will accumulate beginning October 1, for games cancelled in September.

    OPTION B: Request A Refund For Cancelled Games

    Should you wish to receive a refund for cancelled games, please reach out to our Fan Experience Team and they will provide a “Refund Request Form.” Once submitted, refunds will be issued 30 days following the last day of the month, for cancelled games during that month. Refunds will be made to your credit card on file or via check, based on the same method you chose to pay for your tickets. So long as you are paid in full, refunds will begin October 31st.

    If you are still making payments to your account, via one of our convenient payment plans, those charges will continue. This is done to keep your account current and allow us to send your tickets immediately upon the start of the season. Once you have paid for more than the number of games remaining in the season, you may of course ask for a Refund Request Form so that you may select this refund option. 

    Missing Teams

    We’re still missing most of the NHL, but this gives you an idea of what fans are being offered. Shoot us an email and let us know what your team’s offering for season ticket refunds/packages/deals during the lockout and we’ll add it to the list.