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Catching up with Days of Y’Orr

Days of Y'Orr with Rene RancourtJustin & Robb with Rene… and some Ice Girls

We have the day off due to snow and/or previous planned days of off, so we thought we’d take this time to share some fun news and big news with you all.

First off: We met the legendary man with the golden pipes, Mr. Rene Rancourt during the Bruins-Thrashers game. Wicked cool dude. When we’d tell him how great it was to finally meet him he replied with “It was great meeting you.” We believed him. He seemed stoked to meet everyone and take pictures.

Exchange we had when we got there:

Photographer: The Ice Girls are here to be in the pictures to, if you want.
Us: Oh, ok.
Photographer: Do you want them in there? Girls, go jump in.
Us: Oh… ok… sure… the more the merrier.

Not that we don’t mind being surrounded by attractive lady folk, but this was Rene Rancourt time. Also, we didn’t want to look like the tools who overcompensate by surrounding themselves with several hot chicks for picture’s sake. You know the type.

Anyways, Rancourt rocks. We miss him already.

Second off: Days of Y’Orr has a new app for the Android. We didn’t design it not do we operate it. That all’s Bloguin’s (our network) work. We’re not sure how good it is or the like, nor do we really have control over the features (hell, we don’t even have ‘Droids, ourselves) but if you have any feedback send it our way and we’ll let the right people know. 

Sorry to iPhone users (ourselves included). There’s no DOY iPhone app currently; hopefully there’ll be one in the future but Apple are kinda dicks about apps.

Third off: Days of Y’Orr is up for another award. We’re nominated for BallHyped’s “Sports Blog of the Year.” At midnight last night we were in first place with 40% of the votes. Since then we’ve dropped to fifth place with 9% of the votes. We need more votes.

So if you love us, give us a vote and help us fill our virtual trophy shelf with more accoldates because, yes, we are that vain. Voting is open through December 29th so you have a few more days. Only one computer per household can vote.

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