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Caught on Camera: Towel love for Shawn Thornton

We didn’t see this since we were at the game (not sure if it was caught by NESN either), but apparently someone sitting behind the Boston Bruins bench also has a crush on Mr. Shawn “Wayne” Thornton.

Fellow Bloguin hockey blog, the Royal Half, caught an image of someone holding the following towel:

It says:
Give Thornton A Rai$e
As Many Goals as Ilya Kovalchuk
More Wins than Manny Pacquiao


No word on what happened to that towel. We’re hoping Thornton has it hanging in his locker.

Big thanks goes out to The Royal Half for sending us this and recognizing our man-crush for Thort. Check ’em out for solid Kings coverage.

And remember: Vote for Shawn Thornton to get him into the 2011 NHL All Star Game. Do it now — vote.nhl.com