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Chara Scores First KHL Goal….And Not A Peep Is Heard

Stick tap to CoachsSister for the heads up on this. 

On Octobner 13th, Zdeno Chara has finally scored his first goal in the KHL and it seems that no one gives a fuck. No goal horn. No music. No jumping around like there's ants in said pants. Nothing. It seems the game was at home too so I'm surprised why there wasn't any noise for the big man. Either way, it seems that Praha lost to Kazan 4-2, which is a shame, I guess?

The goal itself was pretty weak too. No booming slapshot. No huge Zdeno celebration. No nothing, just like my hopes and dreams of seeing the Bruins in fall 2012. 

Chara has played 4 games for Praha and has 1 goal, 1 assist, 2 points and boasts a plus/minus of -1.  

Fuck man, I miss shit like this.