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Chara takes Mrs. Miller to dinner; Ryan goes emo


Lots of Sabres fans were whining about Chara throwing haymakers at the end of last night’s game. Definitely some frustration being let loose by the Captain last night. And with the bogus calls, we don’t blame him.

But for those who think Chara should be suspended because “he started it” (What is this, grade school? Grow up), you are, in fact, wrong. Here’s video of the scrum to refresh your memory.

After the jump… we dissect this badlarry.. and wait, Savard got into the mix?….


Here we go:

Chara’s standing on the top of the crease, getting ready for a screen and/or tip.

As the puck goes behind the net, Miller comes out to push the big man while he’s not looking. Figures Emo Miller waits until the end of the game to throw some cheap shots.

Miller, in fact, knocks Chara off his balance with this interference.

Here’s another angle.

Way to get your hands up in his face for no reason, Miller. Pussy.

After the buzzer, Chara taps Miller on the shoulder to tell him of his plans for later that night.

Paul Gaustad apparently didn’t like this plan.

Two cheap shots by Sabre players on Chara. Buffalo’s keeping it classy.

Chara doesn’t like being slashed and he doesn’t like that Gaustad is moving in on his woman and has words for him. The rest of the Sabres on the ice (minus Miller ’cause he’s still being emo in the crease) decide it’s time to pretend their Greasers and gang up on Chara.

Wait, there’s seven Sabres and only one Chara? Seems like fair odds for Buffalo. Only five are currently interested in Chara at the moment but that seventh dude will jump in right away. Pussies.

Chara doesn’t like people trying to steal Mrs. Miller away from him. He hulks up.

Haymakers everywhere.

He throws punches so slow you’d think players would be able to move out of the way. Watching Chara throw punches is quite hypnotic.

Then one Badass MotherFucker comes flying out of nowhere to lay a beatdown. It’s… 


Savvy gets the take down. Cody McCormick isn’t sure what just happened. 

Only way this could’ve been better is if Savard came out with a steal chair and started bashing heads.

By the way, Savard went after Cody McCormick who has 75 PIM and 7 fights this season and typically gets an instigator penaly. Savard has some balls for going after him. McCormick’s just a goon.

Hornton goes over to try to help Savard out — concussions n’ all — but hasn’t been taught that you’re supposed to drop your stick and gloves when joining the fray.

We’re asking Thornton to give Horton some scrum skill training during off-days.

Some Sabres tool comes flying out of no where to help McCormick. Bergeron’s defense is so solid it even works in post-game fights. He knocks him away and into the boards. 

What a stud.

Butler was ready to thrown down until he realized he had Patrice Bergeron who is undefeated in fights.


Go Bruins.