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Chris Kelly out indefinitely with busted tibia


Chris Kelly is out for god knows how long. It was reported today that he has a broken tibia and is out indefinitely. Ouch. Here's the play for those who don't remember and/or love to watch knee on knee hits:


According to the Bruins, Kelly is out indefinitely. Those looking for a timetable might find it instructive that Kings center Jeff Carter missed six weeks with a broken left tibia during the 2006-07 season as a member of the Flyers. On the other end of the recovery spectrum, Bruins defenseman Andrew Ference broke his left tibia back in 2008-09 and missed close to 10 weeks. 

Six weeks is a little more substantial during a shortened 48-game season, though, and it’s conceivable that the injury could keep Kelly out for the rest of the regular season if it’s indeed a six-week recovery process. That’s all assuming it was the same exact injury for Kelly and Carter, and there’s no way of knowing that until speaking with Bruins management and their medical staff.

This means we'll see Raptor Jesus at center with Pandolfo on one wing and Caron on the other. Always the potential of seeing Paille shifted up to the third line for extra speed if need be. Also he's a hot hand scoring wise for Boston (somehow) at the moment. Then there's always Carl Soderberg who may come to Boston. Soderberg is facing a potential suspension after cross-checking an opponent in the head at the end of his SEL playoff game today.

One by one the original third line for the Bs this year is going down.