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Cuts for a Cause comes early for Thornton — 40 stitches

Shawn Thornton 40 stitches
Second period Shawn Thornton decided Cuts for a Cause would come early.

We were at the game so we didn’t get to see the replay of this ’till this morning. We just saw Thornton get off the ice, throw is helmet down and skate off to the bench. Then, suddently, he turns around looking like he was about to clock the ref. Clearly someone on Chicago’s bench said something. Dumb move.

Bunch of tough guys talking smack to a someone who they know isn’t coming back to the game. Pussies.


“Someone said, obviously I can’t swear while I’m talking to you guys, but there was some stuff said that I’m not too happy about,” Thornton said. “If I ever find out who it was I’ll deal with it in my own way.”

AKA… they’re dead.

We were hoping Twos would get Ten. Instead Twos for Forty… stitches.

We don’t expect Thort to miss much (if any) games for this. Bruins have the playoffs locked up so there’s no need to rush him back either.