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Days of Y’Orr on Fantasy Bookies Podcast


Earlier today I got the previledge of speaking with Demick over at the Fantasy Bookies podcast. We spoke for a good hour, covering a range of topics:

-The next chapter in the vaunted Habs/Bruins rivalry

-Marchand-Subban…bitch fight round 2?

-Tim Thomas…Bruins legend, or persona non grata?

-The use of goal horns in real life

-Third line problems…overrated?

-Bruins' third sweaters -What is the biggest worry about the Bruins going forward?

And more. Don't mind my accent or awful use of the work "like" in a few spots. You can also hear my dog Rex in the background… ahhh the life of blogging and podcasting at home.

You can stream the podcast right here. BOOM.

If for some reason the stream isn't working, you can download it as an MP3.

Be sure to check out their other podcasts, including one with our buddy Cornelius over at the SCoC. And give Fantasy Bookies a look over. It's like a Fansty Hockey League but instead of drafting players you make "bets" on the game lines. It's an interesting concept that bridges fantasy hockey and fake gambling together.


Also follow Demick on twitter and feel free to troll him about the Flyers.