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Days of Y’Orr Announces “The Y’Orrsies”

Every year you get the same thing over and over. When the Stanley Cup ends bloggers, journalists and fans pump out the same things over and over. Report cards, rumors, transactions, wish list and trade reviews bubble over like a forgotten pot of spaghetti. Once all that is over and done with, there’s only one thing left to do: wait.

Wait until Free Agency starts on July 1st.
Wait until Training Camp.
Wait until Rookie Development Camp.

Well, you will still have to wait, but we are going to make it a little more interesting. Introducing to you ladies and gentlemen…

The Y’Orrsies

What’s the Y’Orrsies? It’s an award show dedicated solely to the Boston Bruins. In fact, some of the players perform for you, the audience, during breaks.  We’re not fucking around this time and we’re not holding anything back. Categories include:

Most Likely To Party Without A Shirt On, I Need Subtitles When I Speak, Best Playoff Beard, Best Hair and more!

It’s not just the categories that are awesome, the presenters are just as good. Naturally you get Jon, Justin, Robb and myself hosting the event. Our presenters include: Patrice Purrgeron, Uncles Jesse from the early episodes of Full House, Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton and many, many more!

This is where you come in! The Days of Y’Orr staff has picked their favorite Bruins photoshop of the 2010-2011 Boston Bruins season. They are:

Tomas Doughberle

Top Gun Timmy

Thomas Is God

Mad Hatter Bergy

Now, we want your vote on which photoshop deserves to be our “Photoshop of the Year”. To vote you can like our page on Facebook and vote on there. We will not count any votes left in the comment section. The voting is open until Wednesday night at 8pm EST.

The Y’Orrsies will be happening soon, so don’t miss out on the greatness.